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Poss Reviews

Sleep is an ongoing battle in our house. Every time we think we have it beat, we have a routine in place, something comes along and throws it out again. The last few months, even though Poss has been doing great things in other parts of her life, sleeping is deteriorating.

In the past it’s always been a sign that there’s something amiss. Whatever it is still yet to show it’s head, but while we wait, we’re all fighting the sleep battle with her. She wants us in the bed next to her, to hold her, to wait until she’s asleep before leaving her side.

So we’re willing to try just about anything.

When the lovely people at Ultimate Sleep offered us the chance to try one of their Comfort U pillows for Poss, we welcomed the chance. I never really thought about our pillows. A pillow is a pillow is a pillow, yes? No. Apparently not.

This one is designed to surround you, making you feel safe and cosy, apparently helping in reduce anxiety and assisting in deep pressure therapy. I don’t know about all of that, but Poss has taken to Pilly (yep, she’s named the pillow…) like nothing else.

The poor thing has been dragged from one end of the house to the other, up and down off the floor and he even went with her to camp. So far, it’s held up remarkably well. But thank god it’s washable and comes with a removable cover!

Because we were so jealous of Poss’ new pillow, the Ultimate Sleep team also gifted husband and I with some new pillows to try as well. I have to say, it took a week or two of sleeping with them for me to feel comfortable; they’re much softer than the ones I’ve used before, but it was worth sticking with it. They are awesome. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to sink into each night.

We would hate you to miss out on all this pillow goodness. So the lovely Ultimate Sleep team have offered me two pillow packs to giveaway, containing two teen pillows worth $118 each. 

All you have to do is tell us the craziest thing you’ve done to help your kids fall asleep. You’ve got until Friday 20 June and the competition is only open to Australian entrants. Poss and I will pick the winners and you’ll be notified by email. Good luck!

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  1. Doing this while I remember to! I’ve been a foster carer now for 8 years and have cared for 26 kids in that time – some for a night, some for many years. Of those kids I’ve cared for 12 newborns including a couple of premmies. All this is just to paint the picture of how incredibly sleep deprived I have been. I have a sleep debt that can NEVER be repaid.
    Soooooo….I have done a million different things to get kids to sleep. Every child is different but I know that the best way to help them sleep is to have them in your arms with their head resting over your heart. But what do you do when you have two tiny little newborns and a two year old? I was their pillow! It was definitely the craziest of times and the babies got a LOT more sleep than me. Of those three, one was destined to become a member of a beautiful adoptive family, one went to live with another carer family who were also caring for his sibling and one is still with me (and he’s a very good sleeper!)
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  2. It can be so difficult to achieve quality sleep when you are pregnant and have a toddler that wakes in the night. I feel that I only ever achieve that light resting stage of sleep.

    This Comfort U Pillow sounds wonderful and Poss gives some terrific (and delightful) reasons why she has liked it so much. I’m convinced!

    I’m almost embarrassed to share what crazy lengths I’ve gone to to get my little one asleep. LOL

    I read somewhere, which is already a bad start, that newborns should become familiar with noise whilst they slept. This was to avoid parents and friends tip toeing around the house and going to great lengths to not wake a sleeping the baby. To help my newborn become familiar with noise my husband and I would bounce basketballs around the house to create noise! Crazy I know. I really don’t think it worked. Hahaha

  3. Michelle V says:

    I have three daughters, and between them, I have had many, many crazy situations to get them to sleep.
    Driving them around the neighbourhood in the middle of the night, with the soothing sounds of lullaby music emitting from my stereo; pushing the stroller up and down the hallway for hours on end (all 3 girls loved this!); holding bub in my hands and bouncing on one of those fit balls over and over and over and over…..

  4. I rocked Mr L to sleep for many a night when he was a baby/toddler, and now he is a body rocker. So he is up on all fours rocking, and four beds later he is still at it. That’s nearly a bed every 2 years!! And more recently I made a weighted blanket for him. That was an effort, but anything for him to sleep better.

  5. Rachael Kennedy says:

    Where do I start!! I climbed into his cot and when I tried to sneak out he woke. I gave him 10 glow in the dark dummies and slept on the floor handing them back to him as he threw each out.
    I sat next to his cot patting him for hours on end. We tried ten sleep schools and got kicked out of all of them. We did a sleep study and was told to put a spare bed next to him and sleep with him for as long as it took!! Well that never worked and my husband and I didn’t see each other for 6 months!!
    He was finally diagnosed and put on meds and we finally got a few nights sleep after 6 1/2 years!!!
    It’s still an ongoing battle but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!

  6. For the last 8 years i am trying my best to put my son to sleep each and every night ( he has eczema that disturbs his sleep a lot).
    – some days i sleep with him and sneak out when he is in deep sleep.
    – I read story books for him with a torch in hand in his dark bedroom till he goes to sleep.
    – i pat him and sing rhymes for him till he sleeps.
    – for one of those days when i am in super bad mood and feel just fed up of his sleeping habbit – i have recorded some stories in my voice on my phone , i just put it on repeat near his bed while i sit quitely beside him…

    • I’m so sorry you guys are struggling so much with this too… but I have to say – I LOVE your idea of taping your stories for him! I may just have to steal this idea and try it with Poss. Thanks!

  7. So get this …2am still struggling last night with D. It’s been 8 long years!! I say “poss wants to know what’s the craziest thing I’ve done to get you to sleep” very long pause. Small giggles. ( which I can assure you were very welcome after a trying few hours). We had a long chat and I realised crazy is our norm lol!
    Wearing hubby’s unwashed shirt while he’s away so she can smell both of us.
    Driving 4hr return trip on hols to strip her bed at home and make holiday bed like home.
    You name it we’ve done it.
    Controlled crying … Pft! Most peeps have no idea. That’s why your blog is awesome – we don’t feel like we’re the only ones in the universe going through it.

    Thanks to you and poss for turning our night around. Off to top up my caffeine level. X

    • Oh Gillian – I hate that you guys are going through this, but take heart that you’re not alone! Last night Poss went off to sleep well (amazing in itself) but woke at about 11pm and took ages to resettle… I’ll send you a silent toast in the wee hours next time!

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