Put it on your santa list

put it on your santa list

It’s come around stupidly quickly, but it’s that time of year again when all requests for anything more than a lolly pop at the shops are answered with “you’ll have to put that on your Santa list”.

This year that list is going to be stupidly big. Maybe I start saying it too early…? She never forgets, totalling up her wish list like it’s a shopping list.

She’s dreaming of a laptop (seriously?), a new iPad, 1D memorabilia (and a backstage pass to their next show), a new trampoline, a digital watch, extra American Girl accessories and a mobile phone, with prices and models all researched for Santa’s convenience.

Yes, you read that right, the eight year old is pushing for a mobile phone.

We have gone back and forth, regularly, on how she doesn’t need one. How she really has absolutely no need for a mobile phone in any way, shape or form.

She’s dropped directly at school and picked up every afternoon. She doesn’t go anywhere without an adult (unless she’s taken herself off there of her own accord) and has a cheeky habit of using the home phone to call her friends at all inappropriate hours of the day and night – goodness only knows what she would do with a phone of her own.

I tried the line “I bet none of the kids in your class have them” and guess what, I bet wrong. Seems there are kids in her Year Three class that do have mobile phones.

So my follow up was a simple no.

It’s still on the top of the list. Apparently she’s asked Santa directly, so it has nothing to do with us. Little does she know we have a direct line to Santa and there is no way in hell it will be under the tree for her.

Tell me. Mobile phones – what is the right age?

Or alternatively – what’s top of the list for your kids this year? Maybe I can convince her of something else equally awesome instead.

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  1. A package arrived for me today. A cover for the new iPhone 5s I can expect to receive next week. Miss 5 says great, I can have your old one. Seriously? At 5? What for I ask? For games Mum. This might well happen. But far out it scared me.
    What age for a phone? High school I think. When she might be taking a school bus or waiting to be picked up. Maybe. We’ll see!

  2. I didn’t think Santa dealt with electronic goods? or pets…. xo
    jody recently posted..toasted muesli mash upMy Profile

  3. I have this argument regularly with my 8 year old son – apparently there is a boy in the year above who has an iphone!! Like Poss, B goes everywhere with an adult so there is no need for a phone. He will get his first mobile aged 12 and a bit when he starts high school – not a second before.

    I cannot for the life of me see why any primary school-aged child needs one. It’s all posturing and pandering to nagging as far as I’m concerned. But I’m a Mean Mumma *smiles proudly*
    Karen recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

  4. I have a 4 year old and he has put in an order for a phone from Santa. I kid you not. Although he sees it as a games machine so there’s that at least. Santa is however bringing him an Ipod and after using my brothers while he stayed at my mums recently, it’s been confirmed that Santa made a good choice!
    Tegan recently posted..Silly SundayMy Profile

  5. Noella Hextall says:

    My daughter hasn’t asked for a phone, and thankfully she is still toy driven, so I think her Christmas list will be made up of My Little Pony’s and Monster High. I’m not a huge mobile phone user, so hopefully Charlotte won’t be either! My 15 month old son, on the either hand, would love one….he regularly steals mine to play with, and was looking in my mother in laws hand bag on Saturday for hers! I think he’d be very pleased if he had his own….the fisher price toy one just doesn’t cut it!

  6. K used to tell us that ‘everyone’ has one and then we worked out that yes, in her survey of 3 people, everyone did have one but actually, if she had surveyed the whole school, she would have probably found that more people didn’t have a phone !! She got her first mobile when she was 13 – but I don’t know how that relates to children now given that ages seem to be coming down for everyting !!!
    We used to get Christmas lists that read like we had more money than sense !!! She very rarely got what was on her list – even when we asked her to please be realistic with what she was asking for. She thought that as she was an only child she really could get whatever she wanted – glad to say she didn’t and she learned that sometimes, even if we have the money, we aren’t going to buy her whatever she wants.
    Have the best day and good luck !!!
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  7. Honestly, I don’t think kids need a phone until high school, unless they are perhaps in year 6 and walk home to an empty house, as some do.
    My kids both have a phone. Mr 14 because he is in high school and Ms 12 because she has started high school orientation, and that’s when we handed her brother his.
    Both are hand-me-downs from Hubby and me. Hubby being in the app development business means we teed to have a few hanging around for testing purposes.
    Besides, iPads, pods etc all have access to wifi and iMessaging, so really a phone is just not needed for younger kids. Well, that’s my line anyway.
    Naomi recently posted..War wounds and half marathons.My Profile

  8. We are holding out for high school. To be honest BW’s ipod touch is enough right now…
    Caroline recently posted..Things I would tell you: Tegan ChurchillMy Profile

  9. Mister Almost-Three tries to highjack my phone now to look at photos and videos. I hate to think what the pressure will be like by the time he is 8. In saying that, I agree with the comments to keep giving them their own phone until high school. To quote my Mum, “If everyone else was jumping of the Harbour Bridge, would you do it?” So my response to the boys will be a definite no. I think it is the prerogative of parents to not have to explain why!
    Michelle Holland recently posted..What Does Depression Feel Like?My Profile

  10. Completely agree! We waited until about 12 or 13 for both the step-sons – and age when they are a bit more independent and it’s actually a super useful way to stay in touch. Waiting until they were old enough to handle the responsibility of a phone was important for us too – no point handing a phone to an 8 year old and having them lose it a week later!
    ejorpin recently posted..A Little Note About Life Right Now…My Profile

  11. We are in the habit of borrowing DVDs from the local library, which usually include some Australian made kids series from the 80s/90s. Last year my 7yo, with typical Aspie obsession, was infatuated with “Cyber Girl”…. and requested a full Cyber Girl costume. (Santa actually managed blue wigs, and we mentioned her SPD issues as the reason that it was limited to wigs). We thought that was a hurdle well jumped, but this year she’s obsessed with “Ocean Girl”, and I’ve heard it’s already made her list …!

  12. If she has an ipod touch or someones old iphone without a plan/prepaid, she can imessage her friends and you can control who it is.

    That is what we do with Boo. He can imessage me, MPS and his sisters and that is it. It was a compromise cause he wanted a phone and facebook and I wasn’t willing to let him have either.

    My girls both got phones when they started highschool, but that was like 8 years ago and they went to school an hour away. And it was a NOKIA!
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..LostMy Profile

  13. Renee
    I feel your pain! I have two daughters that are about 1 year apart and when they hit the ripe old age of 8 started asking for cell phones (an iPhone to be exact.) Well we stalled until they were in junior High School and were around 12 or 13. At that time it became almost a necessity with after school activities. So that’s what we did. Hope this helps! Great post by the way!
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