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Moving isn’t something we had on the agenda for this year. Maybe next year, but not this year. But the commute to Poss’ school combined with the commute to the city, is killing me. Some days I spend 4 hours in the car. I only wish I was joking.

The nights that Poss has aftercare, after picking her up late, we still have a commute in front of us. It’s simply too much.

Moving house

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So, we are breaking our lease and starting to look for a new house, closer to school. It comes with risks, some big, some small, but they all make me nervous… what if our place doesn’t let quickly, what if it throws Poss backwards, what if we move and hate it, what if that side of town isn’t for us, what if we can’t find a house as nice as the one we are in now…

But, but… it’s still the right thing to do. We need to reduce that commute. Spend less time in the car and more time with each other. It’s more of that balance we are seeking.

So we have been looking at houses, which so far has been a pretty depressing exercise. Why is it that houses never look as good in real life as they do online? But today we saw a place that has possibility. It ticks almost all our boxes and is right within the area we wanted.

The only downside? We would have to be ready to move in 4 weeks. God. 4 weeks. Seriously we have so much crap accumulated it makes me feel all queazy just thinking about it. But we will apply tomorrow, put it out there and see what happens.

So, who is good at packing?

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  1. I have a quote on my fridge

    ‘jump. And the net will appear’

    You can do it.
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..Cooking with Boo: ANZAC biscuit editionMy Profile

    • Love that quote too… we have jumped – let’s see if the first net appears! If not – the next one will for sure xx

  2. So exciting Renee! You can do anything you set your mind too, and I can help you too, i’m great at packing!! xx
    jody recently posted..{Winner} Lovely Little Parties Giveaway!!My Profile

  3. 4 weeks? You can do it!! I know that from experience… *sigh* But yes. Onwards and upwards! Smooth transitional vibes to you all!
    carmen@musingnmayhem.com recently posted..Anzac Day 2012My Profile

  4. Oh I feel for you! my sister had to find a place in 4 weeks (while living in Townsville) she moved back to Perth – only saw houses over the internet while my mum investigated them!! It was hard… she found one eventually and it was massive and perfect for her and her family!!

    I send you all my prayers that you find your house and that it doesn’t disrupt Poss too much!! xx sending love and kisses! xx
    Yvette @ DTlilsquirts recently posted..Wedding Photos – Part 7 – Photo ShootMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Yvette. God that would be hard – at least we can get along to look at these!! We will find something… I am sure of it… xx

  5. I’ll totally help you pack chick!! Feel free to tee us up for some after school/weekend Poss minding too if need be. I only hope you’re not moving too far away for catch-ups to occur xo

    • You are a honey…. and don’t worry, we will be booking you in!! And don’t worry, we will never too far for catch ups! xx

  6. Hi Renee, firstly congrats on this new adventure of yours with your wonderful friends Kate Twitchy Suz & Marita. Now, I’d help pack but am in Sydney. So glad though to hear you are making a move which should open up more family time. It will be worth it.wishing you well. Denyse
    Denyse Whelan. education specialist recently posted..My A.N.Z.A.C. Day Memories.My Profile

    • Thanks so much Denyse – both for your lovely comments on our new adventure and your support on the move! xx

  7. I hate packing, but my hubby is brilliant at it, I will send him back from France just to help out if you like!!!
    You are making the right decision, and trust me even if you had longer than 4 weeks to move, you would find other things to do and it would all get done in the last 4 weeks anyway!!

    Fingers crossed, bonne chance πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Miss Ali!! And how is France treating you lovely? Here I am worried about moving a few suburbs, while you moved continents!! xx

  8. Hi Renee, remember we have a people mover honey, and can help pack boxes and cart stuff for you. Xx

    • Aww thanks Jen! I did forget about the people mover – it might have to be put into use! We can give that little cousin of mine plenty of driving opportunities coming back and forth with loads!!

  9. @workingwomenaus says:

    I have moved house 18 times and have become somewhat of a master packer lol! You can do it :)y biggest tip is simple, start in one corner and move toward to other without leaving a space until it’s completely finished. Go room by room and CULL. Moving is a great opportunity to downsize the ‘junk’. Fingers crossed with the application
    @workingwomenaus recently posted..Stamping out the voices of doubtMy Profile

    • Thanks so much – and I love that tip!! Application is in and I am already looking for junk to cull! I figure if it’s not this place, it will be another one – and the less I have to move, the better!!

  10. Wow, that’s exciting! It can be hard to find that ‘right’ house so I hope this one comes through for you as those truly are the best reasons for moving. Good luck, lovely!

    ps. am a great packer. I’ll bring the packaging tape, you keep the coffee machine out until the last box… deal?
    Natalie recently posted..Making MemoriesMy Profile

  11. I’m in, i’ll help pack. We moved fairly recently and it completely derailed me for a few days but I think I can offer constructive help. If not, I can certainly bring supplies πŸ˜‰

    Kelley’s quote is best – you’re a wonderful person, the net will appear xx
    Kate Sins recently posted..52 in 52. Week 25. The Daylesford edition.My Profile

  12. You can do it. Think of all the travel time you will save and the petrol money.

    We broke our lease to move to our current home and I was so worried we would end up paying two lots of rent but the rental market in Melbourne is so competitive it turned out to be not a problem.
    Marita recently posted..Trash Pack Party – Stinky Squid SnagsMy Profile

    • Thanks Marita, hearing that makes me feel better. We have broken our lease before, but that was years ago, so to know the market is still strong makes me sleep easier! xx

  13. Brilliant plan!!! I am an excellent unpacker!!! I’ll clean the new cupboards and fill them with organised precision! Exciting times ahead. I know the change may be tricky for Poss at the start but the extra time at home rather than in the car will make up for it within days.xoxo
    Amy recently posted..Faux Mexican Lentil SoupMy Profile

    • That’s what we are hoping for too Amy – that the good will outweigh the bad. It will be unsettling, but we will get through it xx And I might just hold you to that – love the idea of having a cupboard cleaner!!

  14. Don’t let fear stop you!
    My life’s decisions revolve around that saying. You’ll be fine, start a photo book for Poss with old house in it but also with as many new exciting things in the new area parks ect including the new house so she has a visual of the transition it always helped us with Zaylan. Good luck xxxx
    Danielle recently posted..What If……My Profile

    • Love that saying!! That and the net one from Kelley above, will be my motto over the coming months!

      And thanks for the tips on the book – we use social stories quite a bit, but I love that angle! Thank you!


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