Ready, set… hibernate

Ready set hibernate

It’s been a wet and miserable weekend; the grey skies unpredictable and the wind rattling our windows. The perfect weather to hibernate. And after the week we’ve had, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Well not literally, but it may as well have been.

So hibernate we did. Husband has been away, so Poss and I have snatched the opportunity to spend lots of time in bed, reading, watching movies and only getting up to let the dogs out to go to the bathroom before retreating back under the covers.

There’s something super comforting about a weekend of nothing. No expectations, limited chat, a detox from the past few weeks of crazy big days, and long nights.

Poss has held it together so well; smashing every expectation yet again by performing two nights in a row at her Grade Six musical. She wore a scratchy costume, a full face of make up and sung with all her might with a huge smile on her face, alongside her peers.

But what goes up, must come down, and we’ve been teetering on the edge of an epic meltdown. Looking over the edge into the abyss below, it felt like just one more tiny thing added to the pile might be enough to push her over, and pull us down with her.

Or more correctly, would see us fling ourselves over the edge, to cushion her fall.

So we snuggled down under the doona, letting the world pass us by for the weekend. Watching the clouds storm and retreat from the safety of inside.

Hoping that the downtime would help empty out the cup a little bit; giving her a chance to find her feet again before we head into these last few weeks of term.

Hibernation v2

While the weather was perfect for a weekend of sloth, the addition of a new doona and sheet set from the team at Just Bedding levelled the whole experience up a notch or two. Clean sheet day is good, but seriously, new sheets are something else.

Tomorrow we need to get up and face the world again. As much as I’d like to extend the experience, all good things must come to an end. So we’ll come out of our cocoon, and put on some actual clothes and head into the weather.

I think we’re ready.


The new bedding was kindly gifted from the good people at Just Bedding. Not sure they’ll endorse a weekend in bed, but what better way to test it out?

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