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Renee reviews  Shopkins

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Poss is a collector. She falls hard and deep for things, immersing herself in their little worlds, before moving onto the next thing. She’s always ticking things off little sheets, knowing exactly which ones are outstanding and need to be tracked down.

I can’t even tell you the joy that’s been had when we find a rare toy, or that final one that completes a longed after set. She often has the whole family onto it, with her Grandmothers in particular, sending her parcels from their travels in the hope a different store might hold a treasure.

YouTube only deepens this, with video after video of little collectors sharing their vast sets with the world. Comparing seasons (yes, collector toys are often released in seasons), hunting the limited editions and giving other little collectors tips on how to build their collections.

This year, we’ve already had the Zelfs, which are now threatening to overtake her bedroom with their kind of weird plastic faces and crazy hair peering out from every available surface. We’ve also has the super lovely Forever Clover card sets, not to mention the animal cards from Woolworths. And now we have Shopkins.

Shopkins are a new range, from the same folks who make both Zelfs and Trash Packs. Designed to be easily collectable, with some larger play sets available to expand their ‘universe’ these little plastic toys are being lined up on our dining room table. God help anyone if they disrupt the order 😉

For kids who get into imaginative play, there’s lots here to have fun with. Each little character has a personality and there’s over 150 to collect. Of course, there’s some rare ones amongst the mix to encourage kids like Poss to keep searching.

While Poss really doesn’t get into the imaginative side of it, she’s still had a heap of fun ticking them all off the little sheets, lining them up and assessing their rarity.

One of the sets we received came with a little tin that kind of resembles a vending machine, to store them all in. This in itself is genius – seriously, so many toys come without storage, leaving them all over the floor. Which I inevitably step on. Or they get lost. This solves that problem easily and in a cute way.

While their tiny size probably makes them a bit small for younger kids, they would be spot on for older kids and tweens. Something shopping related, (although I have to admit, I don’t know that we need to encourage rampant consumerism) which most tween girls love, as well as some great accessories and fun little characters.

If you’re looking for some stocking fillers this Christmas for your tween, Shopkins probably won’t go unloved!


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