Small amounts of happy

small amounts of happy

It’s been another big week, and somehow we’re almost at the end of the term. Only a few days to go and we’ll be a quarter of the way through the school year. As expected, Poss is holding it together at school, but she’s falling apart at home.

Sleep is hard. Compounded by a few nights of what we’re fondly calling a melatonin fail, she’s now frightened that she won’t fall asleep. Which of course only induces a lack of sleep. And so the cycle repeats.

We get to Friday and we’re all tired. Bone tired. It’s days like this that I find myself looking for those little things that bring small amounts of happy, half a grin, no matter how tiny, to help keep us going until we can all collapse in a heap.

The list isn’t long, but it’s enough for me. If you’re feeling low, tired or just in need of a tiny injection of joy, this might work.

  • Fresh flowers. Is there anything lovelier than fresh flowers in the home? They don’t have to be fancy. A cheap $10 bunch from the supermarket works almost as well as a huge bunch from my favourite florist.
  • Singing in the car. I know I can’t sing, but you should know I don’t care. So if you see me at the lights, just look politely away, it will be less awkward for everyone.
  • Clean sheets. I hate stripping the sheets on our king size bed. Hate it. And don’t even talk to me about trying to get a doona cover back onto that enormous doona – it would be easier to shave a cat. But seriously, clean line dried sheets are the best.
  • Indoor plants. I’m a serial plant killer; more black thumb than green. But I’ve recently discovered the joy of indoor succulents. So far they seem like they’re going to be harder to kill and I’m loving waking up next to a little plant on my bedside table each day.
  • Candles. Especially orange or mandarin scented ones; but not too sweet. I’ve never really understood why people light a candle each day, but we’ve fallen into the habit of doing it when we get home at night, and there’s something quite calming about it. I think I’ll keep it up.
  • Handwritten cards. Most of my life is lived online, but every now and then, something arrives that’s been hand written and there’s something that little bit special about it. Poss received the most lovely card last week from her teacher and it’s sitting on our buffet, giving me a little smile whenever I pass it.

What ideas can you add to the list? What little things give you that tiny bit of happy to help you get through the week?

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  1. Renee, you are right to latch on to those tiniest of things because they are truly treasures.

    Fresh flowers are something else. I grow roses and I love the perfume as well as the colour of blooms in the vases around my home. Then after the buds are ready to die I strip the petals and dry them into old fashioned Pot Purri. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. Give the drying box a shake and the room fills with perfume. My favourite roses are the Mr Lincoln and the Double Delight.

    Candles are very special not just for their scent but their light is gentle, calm and warms. Its yellow is alive filled with movement that mirrors our lives. In short bursts the flame flickers full of energy before falling back into a gentle sway.

    Hand written notes, I’m very very old fashioned like this. Messages or letters that I feel are important for posterity should never be electronic. I write often and for those special messages and cards I still write with my fountain pen. I have a couple including a 50 year old Schaeffer that has the most exquisite feel on the page and I like good quality heavier papers. I find it most soothing, the ink flowing across the paper, the slight scratching sound from the nib. I write a lot for my work and I find I simply cant write electronically. I write in notebooks with black-lead pencil and cross out so I can see the evolution of my piece and later understand if I need to how I arrived at the conclusion and made the points I made. Some say its far too time consuming but for me there is less confusion as there is only one electronic copy and its the definitive one.

    I hope your family enjoy the weekend.



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