So begins…

Poss looking out to sea

Life is a bit surreal at the moment.

You know when you have those moments in life where you think about something, and you think about how it’s going to play out. Obsessing over it. Going back and forth in your mind about the possible outcomes, making sure you your responses prepared.

And then you actually do it.

We have jumped. I have resigned from my job. We are hoping the net will catch us.

I have never resigned from a job before with nothing concrete to go to.

It was liberating and devastating all at once.

Relief and sadness.

A little bit of fear.

A little excitement.

A feeling of failure as I had to admit I can’t do it all. Not even close.

It wasn’t something that we planned. It kind of took us both by surprise. Something we had talked about for a while, but the week that was last week bought it to a head. Something had to give. The decision crept up on me.

I am learning my limits and more importantly, learning how to respect them.  Learning how to say no; both to people and to things. Being more selfish with my time. I am learning I am worth more. Poss is worth more. Our little family is worth more.

And so begins a new chapter.

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  1. Close your eyes. Your safety net will appear.
    I’ve done it. Just believe.
    Well done. xxXOoo
    carmen recently posted..Lessons for boys…My Profile

  2. So proud of you. So in awe of how you trust your gut and stay true to yourself xxx
    Caroline recently posted..Presents from Christmases PastMy Profile

  3. Good luck with your new chapter.
    Ness recently posted..T’is The Season To Be Jolly…WorriedMy Profile

  4. So proud of you and thrilled for you. Good move lovely. I was shocked when I saw you last week at how crazy busy you have been and how much juggling you’ve got on. The net will definitely catch you – you are an amazing
    Amy recently posted..Happy Birthday Mr 2!xoxoMy Profile

  5. oops, pressed done too early!

    You’re an amazing person and will be a fantastic asset to every project you work on. Love ya xo
    Amy recently posted..Happy Birthday Mr 2!xoxoMy Profile

    • Thanks Amy! It’s been so full on the past few months, that I am hoping we can find some better balance… a bit of peace – or at least me being fulfilled in what I am spending my time on. Here’s hoping anyway!

  6. oh dear. all the best to you. i am desperately LOOKING FOR WORK at the moment, but I understand the step you are taking. if i would not have been unemployed this year, I think what already went bad in his first year of school would have been unrepairable.
    Now, things look so much better (only, no one knows what will happen after the holidays. ahem.) i am sure you will be able to sort yourself and things at home out a bit. x
    nikki recently posted..Yo, the ipad does not cure autism. Now, it looks like I will have to get one anyway…My Profile

    • Thanks Nikki. It’s a hard balance. I have only been back at work for a year, after needing to take some time off before to try and get things back on track with Poss. It’s worked for most of the year, but it’s not working anymore.. I suspect my career will be like this for a while – pottering along in fits and starts…

      You will find what works for you – I am sure of it xx

  7. Wow! Congratulations on taking this step. It is such a big thing to do. I am sure the rewards will be tenfold. I have had the feeling of taking on too much, feeling that I didn’t have time to breathe, let alone give the right attention to my family. I’ve taken a lot off my plate and am now taking better care of me, saying no to stuff I do not want or need. This results in me taking better care of my family. I hope that makes sense! Trust your instinct. It is rarely wrong. Amy xx
    Amy recently posted..Hold your tongue child. Now say thisMy Profile

    • Thanks Amy – I think you are so right. I just got to a point where I felt overwhelmed… I feel so much more focussed on the things that are left – which can only be a good thing! Do a few things well, instead of a million things badly…

  8. Mrs Sabbatical says:

    Renee, what an fabulous and scary thing to do. You will probably feel a bit lost and exhilarated but like you said Poss is worth more….. Been there, hence “Mrs Sabbatical” and it was the best career move I ever made xxxx
    Mrs Sabbatical recently posted..To MarkitMy Profile

    • Thanks lovely – it’s people like you that inspire me… I know you have undertaken a new direction – and while I am not looking at that, I think the time to focus on those things I get the most fulfillment out of can only be a good thing… here’s hoping anyway!

  9. Congratulations on this liberating and terrifying choice! Seriously Renee after what I read of the “meltdown” and then your time away for Bright delight the writing was on the wall that “some”thing needed to change. Well done. It matters more to give your family time than it does to give them money. I mean in the best way I can say, that the benefits will surely be felt at home & as you find a rhythm in your life where some satisfying paid contract or part time work can make the best balance of all. Love D
    Denyse recently posted..HOMEWORK.My Profile

    • Thanks Denyse, it’s been crazy couple of weeks… I am feeling relief and looking forward to being able to better structure my time – or here’s hoping anyway! And you are so right – the time I will be able to put into Poss is far better than the material things anyway…

  10. goodluck! You know when your gut and head tell you to do something you need to do it! Enjoy the time you will get with your family xx
    Annaleis Topham recently posted..My Top 5 gifts for Little Cool Boys (like mine!)My Profile

  11. I know how stressful the last month has been and I imagine this has only been adding to it! I think it is the brave ones that re-assess if things aren’t working and try for something better. xx

  12. Good on you. You did seem to be stretched there in the end, I’m sure it’s the right move for all of you.
    Mandy recently posted..Things they say…….My Profile

  13. Such a brave step to take, but there comes a time when you realize that family is way more important! Best of luck with this new chapter, I’m sure it will be all kinds of wonderful!
    Bel recently posted..Yearly Christmas PhotosMy Profile

  14. Ohhh! This is huge. Having been there not so long ago as you know, I know how you’re feeling. The Universe has a beautiful way of taking care of you and showing you paths just when you need it. Trust that you’ve done the right thing and be open to what lies ahead. Good stuff for sure xx If you want a chat, or a coffee – you know where to find me! x
    Vanessa Carnevale recently posted..I’m not an expert. I’m a mother. But this stuff scares me.My Profile

  15. I am so excited for you, and will be with you the whole way. xo
    jody recently posted..In their handsMy Profile

  16. Best of luck with it all. Sometime we just need to step back and work out what is working and what isn’t. You need to do what’s right for you… and Poss. xx
    Kellie (stylishkellie) recently posted..IKEA Foundation. Win Ikea toys!My Profile

  17. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut don’t you? I’ve had to make a similar leap of faith in the past and it’s not always easy (love the new site too) x
    Carli recently posted..HumbledMy Profile

    • Thanks Carli – it’s a hard one, but you are right – sometimes it just gets too much and something has to give… and thank you, I think it’s kinda spesh xx

  18. Wow, look at the fresh new you!

    Huge step to take hon, huge- but your gut was speaking to you under the noise in your head and you listened. There is only one of you to go around. If, as a family you can manage without two jobs for a while, then absolutely do it. Good time of year to do it to- you’ll have plenty of relaxed time to plan ahead with a level head xxx
    Twitchy recently posted..The Bed That SnappedMy Profile

    • Or I will just have lots of time at home to ponder my crazy decision with my child underfoot over the holidays… 😉

      Thanks honey xx

  19. Good for you, Renee! It is truly liberating to do it on your own terms, as difficult as it may be while it’s happening. Good luck for your new chapter (and a wonderful blog redesign greets it too!) Kx
    Kimberley M recently posted..Accidental Muesli Bars (with Chilli)My Profile


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