So, controlled crying?

Sunshine at Joe's Bar

How old is too old for controlled crying?

Because I am seriously considering giving it a shot…

It was a big weekend. Again. And overall Poss coped really well; between the noise, the people, the crush and the rides it could have ended badly.

There were some tears, and a few moments where I thought we were going to lose her over the edge – but with careful calming, she managed to bounce back.

We tried to finish the weekend calmly to reset, by spending some time in the glorious sunshine, with some good food and some time away from the house. Instead, it ended with us having to literally spoon feed her her second order, after she flat out refused to even try the first one when it didn’t look like it was supposed to, in her mind.

I have no doubt that it’s the flow on effect of her lack of sleep that is pushing her so close to the edge.

We didn’t really do controlled crying when she was a baby; I just couldn’t do the screaming – and ironically, she slept ok during the night.  While she didn’t really sleep much during the day, it didn’t seem worth the stress. Her favourite place was with us. Just like now.

When yet again, we found ourselves with a crying child last night as she battled to fall asleep on the couch, it seemed really tempting. We tried to explain the concept to her, but for some reason, she wasn’t keen on it.


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  1. Ah yes, the refusal to eat food because it doesn’t look like what’s in her mind, sounds very familiar. I’m so glad I found your blog, because it stops me thinking I’m the only one xx I really hope the next 48hours go quickly and Poss’ sleep settles xxx
    Caroline recently posted..Popping My Blogging Conference Cherry (ProBlogger 2012)My Profile

  2. I taught Stephen the phrase “I’m feeling worried because it’s not what I was expecting” because it’s more polite and accurate than “I hate this it looks disgusting”.
    Now I want to scream “I don’t have to meet your expectations!!!!” every time I hear “it’s not what I was expecting”….
    Hannah recently posted..With Paper LaceMy Profile

    • I love that Hannah! In fact, I have suggested it to Poss and I will keep reminding her of it… as much as it would be *annoying* it has to be a better way to express her anxiety about it!

  3. Oh I wish I had the answer for you. Hoping sleep comes soon, for all your sakes. Big hugs. xx
    jody recently posted..Times are changing…My Profile

  4. Controlled crying is not okay if say, you’re kid has a broken leg. Your kid won’t go to bed? Let them cry as long as they want, eventually even the Poss’s of the world will fall asleep from pure exhaustion. If not, you’ll storm off and take yourself to bed because you too exhausted to listen. Either way, you win

    • Oh Lucy – if there was a way that I could get her to stay in one place, then I would consider it. But she won’t and she is too big now for us to put in a cot… unfortunately! Oh well – we have the Melatonin back, so fingers crossed it only gets better from here!

  5. I hear you. The lack of sleep thing is dehumanising… I can’t think of another word for it, I just feel so not right, like my skin is inside out and the world has been turned up to 11, volume, light, touch everything is so much more and I am so much less.

    My girls are falling asleep okay, but waking up soooooo early and staying up. I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep.
    Marita recently posted..McCormick Recipe Creations – Beef Brew with Herb DumplingsMy Profile

    • I can so relate to your description. That’s exactly how I feel – it’s all too loud, and I am too tired to respond the way I should. And if that’s how I am feeling, I can only imagine how she is feeling…

      Oddly though – I think I cope better with late nights than early mornings – that’s a cruel thing!

  6. Tonight I proved that it is not just the little humans that get unsettled and cranky…After a Katy Perry night last night with two 12 yr old girls, home at 2 am and up for work at 8 am, I lost it about 7.30pm and may as well have stomped my feet whilst I shouted that I wasn’t cooking dinner…see it evens happens to us seasoned professionals…

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