So, what are you going to do when she turns 18?

“So, what are you going to do when she turns 18?”

{images from Poss’ 6th birthday party last year}

This is a question that I get asked a bit, probably more than most. You see, I love parties. You might have noticed. I specifically love parties filled with details, props, decorations and themed food. Highly styled events. From the invites through to the thank you notes, my parties tend to be fully planned events that often take months of thought and work.

I don’t know where this comes from, I grew up with chocolate crackles and pass the parcel in the backyard. Maybe Mum would blow up some balloons. The highlight was choosing a cake from the Woman’s Weekly cake book. They were simple but so filled with love.

These days my party inspiration comes from Australia and around the world. I love our local talent such as Little Sooti, Candy Soirees, The Little Big Company and Sharnel Dollar Designs.  I am in awe of our local suppliers; Ham & Pea Paperie, Cake Envy, Giggleberry Creations, Baking Passion, Sweet Style and Velvet Lily.  Overseas I look to the greats such as Amy Atlas and The Purple Pug. It’s an industry these days and one that I am very proud to say I have been part of, if even for a small time.

You see, I once made a living from working in this industry. I helped create Mad Hatters tea parties, hawaiian luaus on tennis courts and dinosaur themed extravaganzas in marquees. We took a child’s party wish and made it happen for them. They were beautiful, fun and often, completely over the top.

Unlike the the parties of my childhood, they were rarely simple, but just like the parties of my childhood, they were always filled with love.

I honestly have no opinion on whether one style of party is better than the other. If you can afford it and you want to spend the money on a themed event, go for it. You may even be employing one of my friends to help pull it together. If you don’t want to, or can’t,  then don’t. I promise not to comment on it either way. But I may steal a piece of cake.

My daughter has been guests at both styles of parties and really, the highlight is just hanging with her friends.

We are now 7 days and counting until her 7th birthday party and I know that half the details that I labour over, her friends won’t even notice. But you know what? I don’t care. I love to do it for her. I love to do it for her friends. I love that I can provide them with a fantasy play space for an afternoon and they all go home full of cake and lollies.

There are many, many things I can’t do for my daughter. But I CAN do this.

So you know what? I have no idea what I will do when she turns 18. But if it’s anything like her other parties, it will no doubt be amazing. Or not. It will be whatever she wants it to be.

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  1. I like it. And when she turns 18, it’s only another birthday, not a magical marker than means you can’t create a party for her!

    • Thanks Veronica xxx I know right?! It seems like a funny question, but people seem to think that it will escalate every year in excessiveness. Or something. But you are right, turning 18 is just another birthday, one that we will celebrate because we will have made it!!

  2. Great post Renee!! I agree, it may seem over the top to others, but when you are passionate about creating and bringing an idea to life, it so worth it! Big or Small!!

    WOW I cant imagine what our kids 18ths will be like!!! LOL!

    Little Sooti

    • Thanks Thetis!! You are so right – our kids will have awesome 18ths!!
      It’s hard not to get excited about these things when I do love it so much!

  3. Yep, enjoy it, revel in it, love it! Those tiny little details are the best. Hope you have a wonderful party next weekend. Will be thinking of you.

    I’m just starting but next year, watch out! I’ll get organised and give myself more than 10 days to do it.


    • After seeing what you pulled off in 10 days this year my love, next year’s event will be amazing!! And I can’t wait to help if you let me 😉

      Although not sure I can top your watermelon dinosaur… seriously inspired stuff!

  4. I love that you love doing for this Poss – the memories she will have of a mama who adored her so much and made every birthday a special celebration is precious, and truly wonderful. Asking what you’ll do for her 18th is weird to me – surely it would be what you’re doing now: taking what’s important to her and her dreams, then making them come beautifully true? xxx

  5. To me styling a party and creating all the little details are an extension of our love for creating cherished memories – without sounding trite, we only walk this world once and my motto when planning parties is creating memories and clearly a “lotta” love is in all the beautiful details and all the party organisation for Poss – memories which she will cherish and remember even at 18.

    • Thanks Lou xx I have no doubt she will remember and look back at her parties with love – it’s a whole family affair! Everyone pitches in and makes the day special for her, filled with lots of precious memories. You are right – we only get one shot – may as well make it fun!

  6. I’m much the same as you. I love creating themed birthday parties for the kids. Especially the cake! I grew up with the Women’s Weekly book too, but sometimes we only got an ice cream cake and nuts and raisins ;). It didn’t matter – we always loved our birthdays.

    • It was still great fun wasn’t it Laney! It’s not the ‘stuff’ that makes the party, it’s the company, the love that goes into it. But the stuff is still so much fun!!

  7. Thanks Renee for letting me help out with your daughter’s birthday cupcakes. I am enjoying the design process (yes there is designing in cupcakes) and am putting lots of little touches in. I know how much effort and love you have put into other people’s events. I am trying to share the same love for you. I hope that it is a great day for the whole Bugg family!

    • You are more than welcome Giulia – I can’t wait to see what you come up with, I know it will be gorgeous! Thank you for your kind words xxx

  8. Oh I love the birthday party photos 🙂

    I seem to remember my 18th involved going to the pub with mates… then again I was living interstate from my family by that time so a party thrown by my parents was off the cards.

    For my 21st though they hired one of those tall ship sailing boats, it was fun 🙂

    • Thanks Marita!! My 18th wasn’t anything special either! A tall boat sounds like great fun… maybe as a pirate theme at some point in the future?

  9. Totally agree Renee. if you can do it, why not. I had the most basic parties when I was growing up, but if I can give my children a little bit more, then why not. I enjoy doing it and the girls love helping me in the process. Like you said, I can’t give them everything, but those things that I can, I will and if it puts a smile on their face….go for it I say. xx

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