So, you’re thinking of buying a bunny?

So, you're thinking of buying a bunny

So you’re thinking of buying a bunny? Or maybe you’re just lusting over the cuteness that our bunny brings and want to know more. Either way, this post is for you.

We bought our first bunny, Max, a few years ago on a whim. An impulse buy in time for Easter. Probably not the right way to buy a pet. In fact we probably broke every rule in terms of responsible pet purchasing, but we’ve never looked back.

Max stole our hearts with his giant feet, floppy ears and gangsta style voice that he spoke with. Well not really, but that’s how it sounded when we spoke on his behalf. He seemed to combine the best of a dog and a cat; a perfect pet for our family. When he died suddenly, the grief that overwhelmed us all, took us all a bit by surprise.

By then, we were bunny people and it wasn’t long before Hugo joined us. Similar to Max, he sports the same long lop ears (they’re both dwarf lops) but speaks with a terrible English accent. Despite many early escape attempts, he seems to have settled into a life of being spoilt rotten. Not a bad life really.

People are often surprised at our choice of pet and when they hear he lives indoors (most of the time) it often brings a bunch of questions.

  • He lives indoors? Yes. He has free-range during the mornings and evening when he runs all over the house, bouncing on the couch and doing laps of the hallway. At night he is shut into a large indoor cage, only because he was trying to sleep in the bed with us, and we were worried we’d squish him!
  • Is he cuddly? Even though the experts warn about bunnies not being overly affectionate, Hugo is a cuddly bunny, as was Max before him. I’m not sure if it’s the breed, or if it’s just who they are, but he does love to snuggle with us, his favourite place is up on my shoulders when I’m on the couch. We are careful to respect his wishes and have taught Poss to not carry him all over the house, instead letting him bounce along behind her, which seems to suit them both.
  • Does he bite? I’ve never been bitten, but Poss has. Twice. Both times she probably deserved it. Generally speaking, a well socialised and loved bunny probably won’t bite unless stressed or provoked. Like most pets actually.
  • Does he use a litter box? Yes. Just like a cat, bunnies like to do their business in the same place all the time, so they’re pretty easy to litter train. Occasionally there is a stray poop, but on the whole he’s pretty good.
  • Does he go outside at all? Yep, he has some time every day running around our yard (under strict supervision after numerous escape attempts). He also spends some time during the day in an outdoor hutch, but during extremes in weather (too hot or too cold) he’s just as happy chilling inside all day.
  • Are they noisy? No. Although Hugo can thump his feet pretty hard when he wants your attention, and he does make a slight buzzing sound (similar to a cats purr) when he’s really happy, that’s about it.
  • How long do they live? Generally speaking, their lifespan is about 7 – 10 years.
  • Do they need another bunny? Hmmm, this is a hard one. All bunnies will be different – some like the company of others, while others don’t. They say that if you have only one bunny that they will bond with their people, while if you have more than one, they’ll bond with each other. Don’t quote me on that though!

Are you bunny people? What pets do you have?

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  1. Hi, I just came accross your blog via facebook. This post struck me as we too bought our ASD daughter a dwarf lop. She is still young, about 5 months old, but is the cutest creature I have ever seen! Here favourite spot to hang out after she does laps around the loungeroom is under the couch! We all have a lot of fun chasing her to put her to bed lol. She has been staying outside recently although it is super cold so I will be bringing her back inside overnight.
    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. Hi Renee,
    Hopefully this comment on an old post pops up somewhere visiable.

    These bunny posts made an impact. I’m not really a dog person, but my kids want and need a pet, and we’re getting to the pointy end of the season! A lovable bunny sounds ideal. Could I trouble you to ask the breeder you got it from, and if it’s not too rude, roughly how much bunny and associated jabs added up to?

    Cheers and thanks 🙂

    • This certainly did pop up somewhere!

      We got Hugo from a breeder in Melbourne, if you’re interested I can source her details for you if you like. He’s a mini-lop, which was the same as our previous rabbit – and I’d highly recommend the breed. We’ve only had boy bunnies, but from what I’ve been told (and our experience) they are more cuddly than females, so if you’re hoping that they’ll be pets, I’d consider a boy.

      He was about $70 to purchase for memory. We haven’t had him fixed, but if we were, it would be around $125 (ball-park) and they would usually do the shots then too. For just the shots, it was about $60 I think… I’m testing my memory now! We also get his nails clipped regularly and that’s about $30 a go.

      Good luck!

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