Someone else is happier

Someone else is happier

It’s been an unsettling few weeks around these parts. Things are busy, decisions have been made and there are some changes ahead, exciting changes. But the process has been long and drawn out, and my anxiety levels have been high.

That seems to filter down through our family, ending with Poss, no matter how hard we try and protect her. We’ve had emails from school, nothing major, but worth noting; she’s taking up lots of space, she’s not following instructions, she’s distracting the other kids, she’s trying though. She’s really trying.

My writing has slowed, as I try to find a way to put my thoughts in words. Yet, ironically, the less I write, the more jumbled the words become, the less I sleep and the cycle repeats. So, I write.

However, I’m vividly aware that there are many, many others out there with far bigger issues than mine; whether it’s facing domestic violence in their own homes, or dealing with the horrendous tragedy that is an earthquake.

I hate the thought that my meanderings could be seen as petty or insensitive to the troubles in the world, especially as I am aware and am very grateful for our relatively good life.

And with good cause; bloggers, rightly or wrongly, are pulled up for the words the use, the topics they write about. They’re held up as being slacktavists, jumping on the bandwagon or the hashtag as topics pass us by with no real intent of trying to help.

In the next breath, we’re called upon to use our platforms to speak up for those who need it, to highlight the plight of those who don’t have a voice, to support causes close to their hearts. Blogging for social good is an actual thing.

It’s a fine line to walk; one that I’ve fallen on both sides of before. I’ve learned it’s often a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Maybe it’s possible write about mixed feelings on Mother’s Day and how conflicted we feel about topics like the Bali Nine on one day, and then talk about lining our kids school jumpers or posting a picture on Instagram of our new shoes the next.

Because, like it or not, that’s life. There is light and shade, happy and sad, moments that pull you down to the depths of despair and moments that lift our hearts. And lots of nothing, monotonous moments in-between.

In a world that overflows with information from the time we wake up, to the time we go to bed, we all take in as much as we can and prioritise it within the context of our own lives; sharing the stories that tug at our heart, whether we know we can help or not.

Sometimes we can do more, and I’d wager that when we can, we do. But sometimes all we can do in that moment is share a hashtag or pass along a meme.

And I’m not going to apologise for it anymore. Nor am I going to stop writing about the things that are important to me, sharing hashtags, telling the stories, even if I can do little to change them. And I’ll never stop sharing pictures of cute shoes. Even on the hard days.

Because saying that you can’t be sad about something because someone else has it worse, is akin to saying you can’t be happy about something, because someone else is happier.

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  1. You are doing great. Please continue.

  2. Renee, reading your posts allows us the reader to reflect on different things, to things other tan what is impacting our lives. Especially when those things that re impacting us are so negative. Its like opening a door and allowing that little zephyr to flow into our room. Your sharing, your writing gives us an alternate viewpoint or learning to focus on and helps lock away our demons. Even if only momentarily. Don’t stop sharing and never undervalue your writing, your worth and the things that you do.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Thank you. Beautifully said, again! I love reading your blogs, please continue writing…and bring on the shoes! Life can’t be taken seriously all the time or I personally would go insane!x

  4. Spot on honey. Thank you for your words. They are often a comfort for me when I’m fighting battles with my own Possum X

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