Sometimes you just need a ‘helpling’ hand

Sometimes you just need a 'helpling' hand

Over the years we’ve had a few cleaners on and off. It’s something that I’ve struggled with; I love the idea of a clean house, I’m not so keen on the idea of paying someone else to do it for me. It seems the height of privilege and laziness, but on the other hand, a shower that I don’t have to scrub? Winning.

I know I’m not alone. It’s hard to both ask for help, and also admit you can’t do it all. Women seem to particularly struggle with this. But then again, look at any man who is lost and how long it takes them to ask for directions and maybe it’s both sexes…

But with work ramping up for both of us over the past few weeks, and little sign of it slowing down as I’m about to jump into a new job, it was time. The dust bunnies were starting to out pace Hugo and I was worried the shower would actually come alive at any moment.

We ended up giving the team at Helpling a try. They’d contacted me before to let me know about their service – which is kind of like an online ordering system – and it sounded like something that might work for us.

There’s no commitment to your booking, so you can have someone come as a one off, or semi-regular, super regular or just when you’re frightened to use the bathroom. Whatever. They’ll even do those extra jobs like oven and fridge cleaning, which well and truly fall outside my realm of ability.

The girl that came to help was here for three hours last Friday and after a crazy week of travelling, it was an absolute delight to come back to a sparkling clean home. She had dusted, taken on the bathrooms, not even our skirting boards were safe.

She even stuck little green stickers on the toilet paper, which raised a debate in our house about which way was the *right* way for it to be hung.

Do we need a regular cleaner? Possibly not. Most weeks we seem to manage ok. But even if we had a little ‘helpling’ once a month to do some of the bigger jobs, it would go a long way.

Tell me, do you have a cleaner? And more importantly, which way IS the right way to hang the toilet paper?


Disclaimer – This post has been bought to you in collaboration with Helpling.

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  1. Yes I need a cleaner. I am currently reading the Wife Drought, so interesting. One tip, was to just get over it, clean less, the world will keep spinning. But I do think it would be nice to have a cleaner still
    ClaireyHewitt recently posted..July 2015: School Holidays for bigger kidsMy Profile

  2. I am not a good housekeeper, and technically as I am a stay at home Mum, I think that’s supposed to be my job?! Anyways, as soon as I am working full time again I will be getting a cleaner. Our house won’t know what’s hit it 😉
    Jane @Almost Jane recently posted..We need the men.My Profile

    • I just need to get over it, don’t I? Either way I feel like I’m screwed: guilty for having a cleaner, guilty for having an untidy house.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I have a cleaner and am guilt free about it! I work 20 hours a week, have two children including a special needs child with all the therapy and extra curricular that that requires, plus volunteer at school weekly and on the parents committee. I do all our grocery shopping, admin, cooking, tidying, homework supervision and chauffeuring to activities. With no family around (our closest family member is nearly four hours away) and hubby’s inflexible work hours, it was outsource or bust!! Having someone scrub the shower once a fortnight lightens the load just enough! Love it!
    PS Toilet paper is definitely right way in your photo!

  4. Love Helpling… am about to book you again for my mum.

  5. Oh good Lordy don’t feel guilty! I am seriously crap at cleaning! It takes me forever, and I clean the toilet with toilet paper because I don’t know if you’re supposed to reuse a cloth that has touched the toilet seats?! I don’t even have kids! But we work full time and kind of love our weekends so we have a magical fairy, Sharon, who comes fortnightly 🙂 We rent so we are happy that we are on top of things for when we do move from here. No guilt here!! And the TP can be either way, as long as there’s something to use 😉

  6. I had one stint with a cleaner, a wonderful gift from a friend. Was a fraught experience for a variety of reasons and I have not done it again. Guilt has a little to do with why too. Maybe now is the time get over the guilt & thebadexoerie ce and try it again! On the big question , the toilet roll definitely hangs the opposite to the way it is in your photo.

    Thanks Renee


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