Sundays with Spongebob


I am sitting here trying to consolidate my thoughts from last weeks conference into something concise and insightful, instead the sounds of Spongebob and Patrick fighting with Squidward are filling my brain, as they float across the lounge room.

Poss is arguing with Husband about Lego, how it needs to look exactly like it does on the box and he is gently trying to get her to try building something without the instructions.

Hugo is fighting against his new playpen, shaking the wire, rattling it on the floorboards. Loving the small amount of freedom the playpen gives him, but clearly frustrated we have confined him – even though we know it’s for his own safety.

Thoughts of the week ahead are sneaking in; there has been no groceries done this weekend (other than basics like bread, milk and diet coke) and I sense an online order will have to be done, as neither of us can be bothered with the supermarket.

Spongebob is now dancing with Squidward. Poss is now dancing with a pillow. Husband is trying to get out of the way without standing on the lego that is littering the floor.

The washing machine is beeping and I know it needs to be hung out, but at the moment, it’s all a bit much really. Surely we have enough clean clothes to get through the week?

There was much talk at the conference of learning to be kind to ourselves. Letting go of the things that don’t really matter, picking our battles and asking for help. Caring for the carers.

I am not sure they meant ‘wasting’ a day half watching Spongebob and half watching Poss play on the floor. Trying to get the thoughts from my brain and into the keyboard. But maybe this is what we need; a day of nothingness.

Whatever works I guess.

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  1. With Dreamboy working 6 days at the moment, I always look forward to Sundays. Sundays mean a day off. A break. Finally. But you see, because the rest of the week has been so chaotic, there is so much to do by Sunday that you don’t know where to start. So you don’t, and nothing gets done. Sigh.
    Bec | Bird with a chip recently posted..Being it allMy Profile

    • Oh I know that feeling well. The overwhelming feeling of nothingness… I know it well! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday xx

  2. Days of nothingness are so important. So very important. Let it all go. Order the groceries online. Enjoy Spongebob!!
    Kate Sins recently 79 + 80 + 81 | 100 Pantone postcards projectMy Profile

    • And I did Kate – the groceries were delivered last night, on time and packed away by Husband before I even got home. Score!

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