Thankful Thursday | From small things…

Joe's Bar St Kilda

There are lots of little things to be thankful for this week, but they have all contributed to hopefully a brighter and happier week coming our way. From small things, as they say…

  • Sitting in the sunshine with Poss and Husband, enjoying a cocktail at Joe’s Bar on Sunday, made me stop. No phone calls, no emails, nothing drawing our attention but the gorgeous view and the comfortable window seat. They even went out of their way to make sure Poss was happy with her meal and that’s a feat in itself. It was the perfect way to start the week.
  • Time at home this week, with a very tired and slightly sick Poss has been a blessing. It’s not been for good reasons, but it’s been fabulous to be able to say to her she didn’t have to get out of bed. It’s not great for her routine, and we will probably pay for this, but at the moment we are just trying to get through each day – and if this is what it takes? Well, so be it.
  • We had a night out on Tuesday night at Potted Potter. We were all exhausted, and I didn’t know if the content would be suitable for Poss given her extremely tired state, but I am so glad we went. It was funny. It was light. It was easy to watch. And best yet, at only about an hour and half, it was the perfect length to hold Poss’ attention. It gave us such a lift, the perfect thing to distract us from the sleep arguments that would have been occurring if we had of been at home.
  • We finally reached the Medicare Safety Net. Sounds stupid, but our Paediatrician visit yesterday will leave us out of pocket about $40. This is opposed to the $230 that it was before. That’s enough for a whole new pair of shoes. Or a bottle of gin. Or maybe just another meal or two at Joe’s.
  • Finally, after seeing the Paediatrician, we have a new plan. The melatonin is back and we are trying some new medication as well. And last night Poss was asleep by 8.30pm. That’s worth celebrating all on it’s own.


Linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday.

Disclaimer – We paid for all meals and drinks at Joe’s Bar and the Paediatrician visit, however I was gifted the theatre tickets for Potted Potter. If someone can find me a Paediatrician that will give us free visits, then I will blog about them every week. 

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  1. Let’s hope this is the start of a better phase for you all xxx
    Caroline recently posted..Anxiety – The Joy Sucking VampireMy Profile

    • Thanks lovely, although it actually wasn’t! But here’s hoping we are past all that now and on to happier sunnier days xx

  2. I’ve been following your (or rather Poss’) sleep woes. I’m so pleased to hear things are getting back on track x
    workingwomenaus recently posted..What do you see when you look in the mirror?My Profile

    • Thanks Kim… Ironically, while she was so sick last week, she slept beautifully and so far, has managed to maintain it – her little body obviously needs the rest..

  3. That Joe’s Bar is pretty good huh! Might have to head back that way sooner rather than later.
    Mandy recently posted..A Day in the Life ~ With InstagramMy Profile

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