Thankful Thursday – Sir Bob, swearing and my mum

In the early hours of this morning, well before the sun rose, husband headed off to work. He kissed me goodbye and said “don’t forget, you need to be up in an hour”. I probably nodded and rolled over, who knows it was ridiculously early.

And then did what anyone else would do at 4.30am, I went back to sleep. 5.30 must have come and gone, because when I next woke, it was 6.42pm.

Normally not such a drama, but this morning was special – I was having breakfast with Sir Bob Geldof! Fuck, fuck, fuck, late, late, late!! Jumped out of bed, chucked on some clothes, swept the unruly hair into a pony,  found some shoes and literally ran out the door. I made it to Crown in record time, with minimal swearing. Win all round really.

In my many years in events and corporate communications I have been to lots of events with speakers; some fabulous and some terrible. It’s a testament to Sir Bob’s ability that the entire room was dead silent for much of his time on stage. He was the perfect mix of funny, political, sentimental and inspiring, the result was perfectly mesmerising.

Business Chicks Bob Geldof Breakfast

It wasn’t until I got to work that I had to think about Poss.

I had skipped the wake up, the begging to get dressed, the fights over breakfast. Missed the making of her lunchbox, the battles over hair and the long drive to school. I skipped it all and went to breakfast instead.

And I for that, I have to thank my Mum. She slept over last night to make sure she would be here for Poss this morning. She works full time, but she still did it. She did the hair, the lunch, the uniform. She drove Poss to school, which is in a different direction to her work.

Mama, Poss and Me

She then waited for me to call her, not wanting to interrupt my morning out. “Poss was fine” she said, “she loved having breakfast with me”. Of course she did.

Then she called at the end of the day to talk to Poss, “how was your day, baby?” she asked. Poss had lost words, but grunted her “good” grunt. And Mama knew what that meant, without it having to be explained.

So thank you mum, for giving up your night in your own bed and helping me keep my family on track and organised, so I could hear a truly inspirational man speak. Thank you for sticking to Poss’ routine so her day started in the best possible way. Thank you for caring so much about our girl, that you can decipher her grunts, even down the phone.


Linking up with Kate from KateSaysStuff for Thankful Thursday.


PS – And as a special thank you to all you mums who read my blog, I am going to be doing a few give aways next week, in the lead up to Mothers Day. You are all pretty special too and I am thrilled to be able to give you a present or two. Watch this space – details will come on Sunday night!

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  1. Your mum is the best. Lucky you and Poss! xxXOoo recently posted..Little reminders.My Profile

  2. Yay for Mums – I was going to go to that breakfast but thought I wouldn’t know anyone…bugger, should have gone!
    Claireyhewitt recently posted..What are you writing?My Profile

    • You so should have gone! Next time lovely… we will have to co-ordinate, I bet there are heaps of industry type things we would both be invited to….

  3. Gotta love those mums/grandmas who just get it!
    Kate Sins recently posted..52 in 52. Week 25. The Daylesford edition.My Profile

  4. So glad your mum was there to help you! I bet Bob Geldolf had some great words of inspiration!! Are you doing a separate post to tell all of us who weren’t lucky to see him speak – what he said??

    🙂 xx
    Yvette @ DTlilsquirts recently posted..A Snap A Set A Song – Round 3 – AnzacMy Profile

    • Thanks Yvette, and yes, he was amazing. I would love to do a more detailed post – do you think it would be interesting? Not sure I write as eloquently as he speaks 😉

  5. How good are Mum’s? My Mum and Dad and my MIL are always amazing and supportive, too. So glad you got to see Sir Bob, yay for your Mum!
    MsMandie recently posted..Thankful For Dishwashers – When They’re UsedMy Profile

    • It’s so good when you have that level of support, isn’t it?! My MIL is also wonderful, but she is interstate, so we are pretty lucky we have Mum here to help us out.

  6. So what did Sir Bob say that kept the crowd so enthralled?
    It’s so lovely that your Mum is so close to you and Poss.
    E. recently posted..Blogging, community and authenticityMy Profile

    • Oh he was wonderful – he spoke about poverty, his childhood, music, politics and economics… such a diverse range of topics, but all so well strung together…

  7. Yay for awesome mums!! I have one too, I’m very lucky! So glad you had a great day, sounds to me like Poss is coping with all the changes really well…she’s a true champ xxx

    • Thanks Shell – and yep, your mum is up there with the best of them!! Poss is doing well, we are having good days and bad days – but we think she is a super star!

  8. Sounds like an amazing morning Renee! and how awesome is your Mum!?! {I may be slightly jealous} But so glad Poss had a great day and can’t wait to hear all about the breakfast!! xx
    jody recently posted..{Winners} Arkadia Giveaway!!My Profile

  9. Isn’t it great when we have parents we can rely on ? So glad you got to hear Sir Bob – did you enjoy the breakfast ?

    Have a great day !
    Me recently posted..BFFsMy Profile

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