That time the Today show came to visit

A different Friday 1

The portable lights lit up the lounge room so brightly, it was like a football ground at night. I could spy cob webs that were hiding on top of the air conditioner. God only knows how long they’d been there; the normal light that enters the room certainly didn’t make them visible to the naked eye.

Even though we’d only had a cleaner in the week before, it was hard to not be drawn to the dust and mess that were now highlighted for all their glory. In front of the camera crew. Who to their credit didn’t seem to notice. I guess that’s men for you.

I hope they’re not getting it in the frame and instead, I focus on Poss, who was proudly telling the lovely reporter from the Today Show all about Minecraft and Autcraft. They had asked to come chat with us after this article in the paper last week.

She lights up when she’s explaining why she loves it, why she plays it, what makes it different. Eloquent and clever, she speaks clearly and calmly; diving into one of her favourite subjects with ease and inviting the reporter to swim alongside her.

She introduces them to Steve and his diamond sword (and no, that’s not a euphemism), they chop down trees together and she shows them how to mine beneath the ground for treasures.
A different Friday 2 However, the longer the team are there, the bright lights bouncing off the roof, asking her questions, requesting her to show them things outside her normal Autcraft behaviours; her eye start to twitch and she’s getting frustrated as the game doesn’t keep up with what she wants to do.

“Is Autism Father online?” she demands to know from across the room. I check and tweet the poor guy who is no doubt sleeping on the other side of the world. As expected, no immediate response.

“You’ll just have to push on Poss. Or maybe show them something else?”

Her face screws up, as her hands start to flick around, as her anxiety rises.

The crew kindly reassure her. “It’s fine”, they say. “We don’t need anything else”, as they start to pack up their lights. One by one, they switch them off and the cobwebs fall back into the darkness above the air conditioner.

Poss’ hands fall to her side. She breaths out and shuts the laptop. As the crew leaves, she takes herself to bed. Where she remained for the next 24-odd hours. But she did it. And I could not be prouder.

Later, Autism Father tweets me back. “Is everything ok?” he asks, and I can honestly reply yes, it really is.


The segment will air next weekend on the Weekend Today show. I’ll be sure to share the link.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Go Poss. You are brave and awesome.

  2. Brilliant just Brilliant. I cant wait to see the program. You must be incredibly proud and it highlights what fantastic parents you and your husband are.

  3. I can’t wait to see the segment. Poss did so well considering the added stimuli and the pressure of allowing strangers into her home. No wonder she needed to hibernate for a while after that. Well done!
    Kirsty @ My Home Truths recently posted..Demystifying Albinism: Skin DeepMy Profile

  4. Well done Poss xx Please do share the link, I’d love to sea it.
    Jane @Almost Jane recently posted..We need the men.My Profile

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