The annual Christmas panic

The annual Christmas panic

I think we can safely say I’m exhausted. A call centre chick with attitude bought me to tears today. I can’t even explain the stupidity of this. I then cried again when I rang back to complain about how she made me cry and the manager begged me not to cry, as she started to cry at my tears. Then we were both crying.

And that was after my bitchy resting face threatened to become a permanent feature on the weekend when I wasn’t served as fast as I wanted to be at the shops. A few weeks before Christmas. On a Saturday afternoon. Checking my privilege as we speak.

School holidays have arrived for Poss, and she’s starting to unwind, but I’ll be working through. It’s not that I’m not loving my job, I totes am. But sleep, sweet sleep, I just can’t get enough of it.

And where do I fit in the Christmas shopping that’s still left to be done. And the Christmas cards? Does anyone send them anymore? I don’t think we even have sticky tape in the house for the wrapping of the presents. And let’s pretend that we’ve got the Christmas tree up and it’s all sparkly and Christmassy. Yes, let’s pretend that.

The traditional Christmas photo is yet to be taken. This will mean that all my hopes to avoid the panic of the shopping centres will be null and void, as Poss demands a visit to the man in red to personally read her list of demands.

There was plans of baking and Christmas puddings. In reality these will be purchased and I may even sprinkle them with icing sugar. And not correct people when they compliment my baking. Ok, anyone who knows me would never believe I baked, but at least they’ll be edible.

Poss is counting down; apparently it’s 14 odd sleeps. Wonder how I will fit it all in. Maybe I can ask Santa for extra hours in the day?

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  1. One word. Outsource. Love you long time sweetheart. If it helps, you’re not the only one feeling this way. x

  2. Oooh!! I feel your pain..(I have bitchy resting face too. Increasingly so when tired…)
    nikki recently posted..No matter what you believe…My Profile

  3. Firstly- Hell No! to the Christmas cards. That’s what text messages are for 😉 Secondly- Have you seen this? May be an idea for Poss, avoid the crowds? I am taking Milla to a session on Saturday xx
    Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife recently posted..Suspending Reality.My Profile

  4. You poor love. Honestly I panicked as I disembarked from the plane today. No Christmas cards from me this year, cold cuts and salad for lunch. But the thing I was most dreading was taking them to see Santa. hate lining up only to be rushed ….ends in tears every year.

    Driving home with the kids in the car and stop at the traffic lights. Bloke dressed as Santa behind the wheel in the car beside us. I roll down the windows, honk the horn, and tell the kids to yell out what they want off him!!! Pop into dollars and cents with kids, pick up the ugliest tree for $29.99 …one of those you plug in and it changes colour…no need to decorate!

    Kids are happy, I’m relieved. I seemed to get away with it!

    It’s a busy stressful time but you’re a genuinely wonderful mother. Cut corners, give yourself a break. You sure as hell deserve it. Hope you get some sleep. X xxx

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