The big, the small and the sick

The big, the small and the sick

You know that feeling when you’re coughing so hard that you’re actually (and legitimately) concerned you might burst some kind of blood vessel in your brain? No? Just me? Ok then.

I’ve had a terrible cold for the past week or so. It might have been the flu. It might still be the flu. The charming cough was accompanied by aches and pains so deep that I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. Literally. It hurt to walk from my bed to the couch, and that’s not that far, not even for me.

I think I’ve lost days. And not in a fun way like years gone by, when I might have lost a day or two from an over-consumption of gin. It’s more a sweaty, snot filled, broken sleep, feverish kind of loss. The kind where the hot brings beads of sweat, right before the cold seeps into every limb.

Fortunately my mum has been able to help out with Poss, whisking her away during the worst of it, allowing me the time to rest and recover.

And however, as fond as I am of the dramatics (because as sick as I’ve felt, let’s be honest I’m fully aware that it’s a temporary thing that will pass – it could be worse), the light is in sight. I attended a blogger event today, spoke to people, and went whole hours where I didn’t cough until I wanted to vomit. So that’s a win.

As the snot recedes, I’ve got my laptop out and the ideas are coming back.

I’m finding myself thinking about big things about big topics like able-ism and advocacy. And small things like why does our dog insist on eating kale? What is the right balance between apple and crumble?

I want to write about Poss throwing books at me. About the friendships you make online. About the friendships you make when you’re 10.

About the way like-minded people can be torn apart; as they overlook their similarities, focusing on their differences.

About school going back, the second half of the year stretching ahead. About our holiday to Bali and all the new memories we’ve got stored away to get us through the cold winter.

Stories to explore for another day. For now I’ll be happy to have a full nights sleep.

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