The bounce continues…

The bounce continues

The past few days have been experiencing what we affectionately call ‘the bounce’.

Essentially it’s the come down after a trip away. Or a change. Or anything out of the routine.

You might think that because she has held it together, coping and generally being, well, pretty good, that you have made it through with minimal issues. But then the bounce hits.

And you bounce.

The holiday would have been enough for a big bounce. We knew three weeks away was a lot and there would be some kind of adjustment period when we got home.

Then we lost the bunny (again), with the cheeky bugger disappearing for two nights, before turning up on the footpath out the front of our house. The relief was tangible, but the damage was done.

This time, the bounce has meant lots of whining and sooking. Lots of tears. Lots of arguments; shouting alternating with begging us to be quiet as the noise is making her head explode.

Risk taking behaviour has increased. She climbed up an escalator rail at a shopping centre on Tuesday, with dramatic results and ending in her being roughly pulled from the edge, while a crowd and security watched on.

Verbal skills have decreased to a point where we are communicating in baby talk. We tell her we don’t talk to three year olds, but this only induces fits of tears.

We know it will pass, we know it’s temporary, but it’s so frustrating to see these regressions. To see her slipping back again, knowing that will be ground she will have to make up, just to be back on the same platform she was a month ago.

So the bounce continues.

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  1. Poor Poss. Hope it all settles soon. At our house thus phenomenon is called Re-Entry Is A Bitch™. 😉
    Twitchy recently posted..Do Not Disturb. (For the Cranky Pants Folder)My Profile

  2. Oh I feel your pain. The bounce is harder than the holiday. Last holiday for us was a week long and the bounce lasted a month. Hang in there. I resonated with every part of this story
    Engineer Mum recently posted..What they don’t tell you in Autism 101My Profile

  3. I don’t even know what to say. But just that I have come by, read, only just begun to comprehend what this must be like… That is an absolutely stellar photo of your Poss. What a beautiful creature she is.
    Kirrily recently posted..“Why am I here?” Life as we know itMy Profile

  4. Oh lovely one, I hope it’s a short, sharp bounce and the ground is made quickly xo
    Kate Sins recently posted..Tuesday 31 December 2013My Profile

  5. Yes,
    Our boys do so well, everything is peachy and then the bounce, the social hangover.. recovery. then when they are done with theirs, I get mine..
    Hannah recently posted..Like A MarshmallowMy Profile

  6. I just stumbled across your site, I googled something, I forget what it was… Oh I remember, I was looking for a picture to describe our Mt. Washmore and I found you older post about it…. than I started reading, and reading and reading! Despite being an ocean away, I understand ya! I am actually taking my 9yr old son to his pediatrician this week and part of that will be the start of the process of behavior analysis, issues that had presented as minor in the past have gotten out of my control and we need more help with him. He has no diagnosis of any issues YET, but we are starting the process. Over the last year I have been talking the husband around about it, he was at first so against seeking help, afraid of labeling our child as a Problem and thinking that the doctors would just give him meds and not help. After a year of explaining that they dont start out with meds, they start out with TALKING to him, finding out the roots of the issues and going from there and that if meds are required than they start SMALL and work from there, we are not going to medicate him to be a zombie. Finally getting him to come around has been a huge relief for me!

    I totally understand the Bounce effect. Boy is 9, Girl is almost 5 and they are just coming back to normal after Christmas. There was a particularly bad week last week, in which Boy actually climbed the curtains, yes CLIMBED THEM! All the way to the top before the rod ripped off the wall and he crashed 9feet to the floor! I was shocked speechless when it happened! Husband remounted the rod with strong screws, and not 2 days later the Boy did it again, BUT this time the Girl told on him and I yanked him off and made him sit in the living room and do laundry with me all day. It made an impression on him that he is NOT to do that again. But when you mentioned risk taking behavior that was the first instance that came to mind, Aldo the baby talk and the acting like a toddler again make so much sense. It is nice to know that I am not the only one dealing, ya know? I will share a tip about the toddler type behavior that we use though and it has worked wonders, a friend of mine, a child psychologist gave me the idea. When he gets on the whining and crying I have him sit in time out for a moment or 2, enough for ME to control MY emotions. Than I sit eye to eye with him and remind him that BECAUSE he is 9 he has a computer (insert anything “big Kid” here) but that if he continues to behave like a toddler I will have to take it for a few days. That sobers him up pretty quick and if I notice the toddler stuff starting I catch it at the beginning of the spiral and say “remember what we talked about?? About your computer?” And than I will notice him trying harder to catch himself before I catch him!
    Jaci Lapointe recently posted..New Year, New Blog! (Starting Fresh)My Profile


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