The humbly humble brag

The good people at Bupa Australia have selected me as a finalist in their Blog Awards competition, under the category of Social Good. This is both hugely humbling, but also I find it stupidly embarrassing. Which is in itself stupid.

I should be proud of these things. And I am. But still I find myself cringing, shrinking inwards, whenever someone congratulates me.

Don’t look at me, I seem to say, without saying anything. Trying to think of a way to graciously accept their kind words without sounding conceited, resulting in the congratulator no doubt left feeling extremely awkward and regretting that they ever took the time to be kind.

Always conscious of being seen to humble brag, I avoid it in conversation, yet here I am writing about it. Go figure.

Recognition is not the reason for my posts. But when I get past my own insecurities, it’s really very nice to have been singled out with a group of other very deserving bloggers. Especially in a category that I feel so strongly about. If all my tapping on the keyboard helps someone, then surely I’m doing something good.

We’ve decided that if I am lucky enough to win anything from this, that we’ll donate half of it to AMAZE (Autism Victoria). It will help me feel better and let’s be honest, I couldn’t do this without everyone who reads along. And I figure most of us have used the services of AMAZE or one of their state based equivalents, so in a way, I’d be sharing it with you all. Sort of. Kind of.

Meanwhile, the Bupa team made a very cute little flashy picture. And I’m easily amused.


There is an element of People’s Choice with these awards. If you’re so inclined you can vote for me here. No pressure though.

And please don’t congratulate me if you pass me in the street. Send me a text or a tweet or something. It will be less awkward for us all.

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  1. Well deserved Renee. You are my favourite blogger. Your writing seems so effortless and easy on the brain. You should be proud. I know I am!


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