The hunt for the onesie; a fashionista tale

The hunt for the onesie; a fashionista tale

Poss is a kid who knows her fashion. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t, having chosen most of her wardrobe for the past few years. She follows the trends closely, dreams of going to the ‘shows’ and when she sets her mind on a piece, she usually doesn’t give up till she gets it, planning all her outfits around that key item. Our little fashionista.

A perfect example is her Seed* boots.For the past two years, as soon as winter rolls around, she has demanded the exact same pair. I tried to explain to her that the shops change their range, that the boots might not be there. She cried and demanded the boots again. Thankfully the shop did the same line two years in a row. God help us this year if they mix it up.

The current obsession is a onesie (an all in one pyjama suit, for those who might not be down with the lingo). She must have this onesie. And not just any onesie. The bunny rabbit one from Peter Alexander*. Not the new one they are getting in this week with the cookies on it. It has to be the bunny one.

No other onesie will do. We spent two hours at Chadstone on Saturday schlepping from store to store, looking for a comparable onesie. Nothing came close. The fact that most stores stop sizes in onesies at a size 6, didn’t help matters. At one point we thought that maybe another Peter Alexander store might be able to come through with the goods, but no. Despite initial high hopes, they were also sold out.

Hopeful discussion turned to unreasonable rants. There was tears. There was tantrums. It wasn’t fair. Everyone else has a onesie. Everyone else has a Peter Alexander onesie. The bunny one. They have stolen it from her. Cue more tears.

And then there was my mum.

She takes these quests very personally. Never wanting to see her granddaughter unnecessarily upset, she often takes these things on herself, long after I have given up. She once spent weeks searching for the ‘right’ Tutu du Monde* dress that Poss has spotted in a magazine, and had to have. Ma-ma made it happen and you have never seen a happier girl on Christmas morning.

Maybe it’s because there are so many things she can’t make better for Poss, that with things like this, she is determined to put things right. Or maybe she is also a bit of a fashionista and understands Poss’ (at times) unreasonable desire for consumer items.

After visiting three various Peter Alexander stores over the weekend, she ended up calling around the interstate stores. After speaking to shop assistants all over Australia, she finally struck gold. God knows how, but she has sweet talked the shop assistant into sending it to us, express post, so hopefully it will arrive in time for Easter.

We haven’t told Poss yet, just in case it doesn’t arrive, or is another red herring, but I am already picturing her joy in opening her much lusted after onesie. And mum’s satisfaction that some small part of Poss’ world has been put right.


*I am sure I don’t have to say this, but just clarify to that this post is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Peter Alexander, Seed or Tutu du Monde.

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  1. Karen Reid says:

    Oo h I do like the fancy font! I have a niece like that & after shopping with her on many occasion I’m glad I have a boy who so far doesn’t seem to care what he wears.

  2. Understand her pain. I want the Peter Alexander rabbit onesie too…
    Tamsin Howse recently posted..Would You Regift?My Profile

  3. Go you good thing, Ma-ma. Now THAT is dedication to a cause. And Poss will rock that onesie, I have no doubt. X
    Bec | Mumma Tells recently posted..Calling Bluff on the Sisterhood of MotherhoodMy Profile

  4. “And mum’s satisfaction that some small part of Poss’ world has been put right.”
    This. So this. Seizing those pieces, however small, that you can control and amend. Taking your wins where you can find them.

    Great blog, I have an ASD daughter of a similar age. Long time lurker, although my neurons seldom coordinate well enough to contribute 🙂

  5. i am living literally on another planet with my boy who couldn’t care less about what he wears, actually, insisted to wear school clothes today on free dress day… so maybe he does, somehow..
    but, i understand the somewhat unreasonable indulging into special wishes or “life-or-death needs”.
    I have practised one whole evening on a website not long ago because Nemo could not get a level done (and there were no cheats) in a game. I felt totally stupid. I totally was his hero too.
    why not make them happy, even when it’s with totally silly things? they missing out on so much other stuff.. x
    nikki recently posted..L’expert – c’est moi! You know best for your child.. but you don’t know everything.My Profile

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