The long holidays are long.

The long holidays are long

While friends are celebrating the end of term this week, we’re into our second week. As a sure sign of holidays in action, Poss has pretty much stopped brushing her hair, and yesterday I’m sure she spent the day in the same clothes that she wore Monday. And maybe Sunday.

Last week my MIL was here, making sure that she bathed regularly, encouraging showering and much brushing of hair. Yet, as soon as Nanny left, all bets were off. The arguments and protests returned with a vengeance, and even getting her to wear deodorant seems like an overwhelming task.

I’m not fussing over it. Worse things can, and as this last week has shown us all, do happen. If she wants to be smelly and tangled, I’ll pick my battles and still feel pretty grateful that I get to hold her at night.

Despite the holidays promising rest, her sleep seems to have missed the memo. I’m not sure if she’s just out of routine, or if there’s something more. Either way, her lack of sleep is seeping through to me; both waking in the night, our feet finding each other before we drift back off again.

The year is winding down, everyone is feeling it. I look around the office and it’s like we’re all just holding on, clawing our way through each day with the end just peeking into view. If naps were socially acceptable in a workplace, I don’t doubt we’d be finding people under desks all over the office.

Next week the kids will start coming into the office. Parents will be looking around, wondering if anyone notices that they have a small person with them. Colouring books, iPads, craft activities and false office chores keep the kids busy. The cookie jar is played off against the fruit bowl in the office kitchen, while bribes are made that involve the vending machines.

Other school age parents look on knowingly. We understand that juggling pain; planning for the long holidays is almost impossible. It’s just so long.

We’re lucky this time around. We are finishing up with one babysitter, and another about to start. I’ll only work four days during the break, and husband has some leave up his sleeve. Kind friends have offered their assistance, and MIL is likely to come back again in January.

Days in the office should be limited. And with her lack of showering, we should probably all be grateful of this fact.

How do you manage the holiday juggle?

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  1. workingwomenaus says:

    Oh fabulous news that you found a new babysitter! That must be a huge load off your mind. You know she’s ALWAYS welcome here – although I can’t confirm that Miss10 will let her come home 😉

  2. Those last two weeks were my only chance to get anything done – don’t know you guys cope with the shorter school terms! xx

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