The origin of things

the origin of things 1

Yesterday I had my last day at Origin. Yet maybe ironically, it’s kind of hard not to be sentimental about all the firsts that happened during my time there.

Some big, most small; I’ve left feeling as though I accomplished a bit over the past almost two years, all far beyond the things that I’ve been measured on in my performance review.

It’s my first full time role since having Poss. Which is big in itself, but it’s also the first role I’ve held that I got my very own hard hat, my first time visiting a power plant and my first time driving an electric vehicle.

The origin of things 2

It’s the first job I’ve held where having at least one piece of high vis clothing in your wardrobe is a necessity and ‘working the wall’ had nothing to do with Game of Thrones.

The origin of things 3

It’s the first workplace I’ve worked where they farm solars. Not really, but I really like the idea of a solar farm having baby solars. They sound cute, whatever they are. I also got to get up close and personal with giant wind turbines – which isn’t a first for me – but something I love nonetheless.

the origin of things 4

Like most workplaces I guess, it’s the people that make it great, and there was a lot of them. Spoilt for choice; there was always someone to have coffee or eat a stupid amount of dumplings with and introduce me to various baked goods across Melbourne. Or you know, just bake them for me.

Origin of things 5

I’ll miss them.

But thankfully those people are going to be just down the road from my new office at Bupa. Where I’ll be starting on Tuesday… A whole new adventure and no doubt, a whole new round of firsts.

I wonder if I can take the cake with me…?

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  1. I still miss my former work colleagues- farming limits your access to conversation AND cake!
    Amanda @ Cooker and a Looker recently ever biscuits and how to find out exactly what happened at schoolMy Profile

    • It really does! Thank goodness for the interwebs… even if we can’t deliver you cake, we can hopefully deliver on the conversation!

  2. What a great blog! I am so glad you did this and showcased just some of the many great things you did for us and our cool social team (as they call us). Surely, they will let you take the cake- even health insurers love the sweet stuff! Who knows there may be a baker guru at BUPA. Wishing you the best in your new journey and I shall see you again soon 🙂

    • It’s been a joy working alongside you Ray and I know you’ll go far! And yes, we certainly we will be keeping in touch. x

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