The stomp that broke the camels back

We try to keep much of our life predictable, within clear boundaries, so that Poss knows what is coming next. We have schedules and we have social stories. We talk about things a lot and draw out anything that might be a bit more complex. It helps it stick, helps her to remember.

But it is always the things we can’t prepare for, the small things that we don’t think about, that cause the biggest issues. They themselves usually aren’t significant, it’s more that they are the straw that breaks the camels back, so to speak. The final things that pushes her over the edge.

She has held it together well over the past three weeks settling back into school, even though the first two weeks were without her class room aide. She coped with the cross country carnival at school, even though we all forgot it was on, so no preparations were made. She even coped with me not being there.

But on Wednesday afternoon, when I was on a Skype call, she lost it. And of course, it was over something there was no way we could have predicted.

Max the bunny rabbit

Max the bunny learned how to stomp. A bit like Thumper out of Bambi. He thumped his little feet on the floor and she lost her mind.

She was convinced he was dying and started screaming and crying, jumping up on the couch. Which made him stomp again. Which made her cry and scream more.

If it was anyone else’s life, I probably would have laughed at the ridiculousness of it. How could we have prepared her for that? Who loses it over a bunny stomping?

Poss apparently.

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  1. oh hun, that is a tough one. Hope poss is ok now and is getting used to the stomping? xx
    jody recently posted..I am now slightly obsessed with e bay…My Profile

    • Thanks lovely – you know what? He hasn’t done it since. We spent some time googling when she had calmed down and apparently they do it either when they are being playful, or when they are scared… that helped her to understand.

  2. Oh Renee, poor Poss. She must’ve been so frightened. And poor you. It must be so difficult sometimes, having to try to predict the unpredictable. xx
    Kate Sins recently posted..Pieces of the puzzleMy Profile

    • We can only prepare her for what we can… but yep, it can be exhausting! But isn’t parenting in general exhausting?

  3. Oh gosh… we really do wish we could predict the future to help our little ones. I *wish* I could have helped Mstr six understand why he had to fast an hour longer than normal on Wednesday… *sigh*
    Mega hugs to you. xxXOoo recently posted..The questions Google can’t answer…My Profile

    • Oh poor Mr 6.. that’s really hard too. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well we explain, they just don’t get it anyway… hugs right on back xx

  4. Today Stephen lost his shit because I bought a new clothes airer.
    It was different to the others we use.
    “I hate that one! I don’t want any of my clothes on that one! Why is that cushion like that? Someone moved the cushion!”
    At least death is actually scary…. poor love
    Hannah recently posted..Bearing WitnessMy Profile

  5. Nat - Muddy Farmwife says:

    Oh no, poor thing. It’s always those little things you don’t even imagine happening that cause the biggest problem.
    Hope she’s doing ok.
    Nat – Muddy Farmwife recently posted..Grateful for The MobileMy Profile

    • Thanks Nat, she is ok. She didn’t eat dinner that night and slept pretty badly, but seems to be back to some level of stable today!

  6. Oh my gosh, I honestly had no idea rabbits did that, I guess on the good side of it is that now Poss know’s the bunny really likes her, she a very special person as she’s the only one the he’s done it to.
    Hope she’s feeling more setted about the situation now poor dear xxx
    Danielle recently posted..Frumpy Friday.My Profile

    • Thanks Danielle – we have learnt all sorts of new things with Max! He is such a little character! And yes, thank you, she is much more settled today xx

  7. Poor Poss , it must have worried her when Max started stomping .


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