They are special

It’s funny how when you meet people, you have no idea what role they will play in your life. Some people come quickly and leave quickly, silently. Others are there on the edges for years, not making waves.

But some, they are special.

When we first started at Poss’ school we didn’t know anyone. Those first few months were hard, Poss didn’t settle and people we thought were friends turned out not to be. Some slipped quietly away, some were vocal in their opinions.

But some, they were special.

When Poss was diagnosed, we didn’t know who to tell. Poss was struggling to find a clear way in her little confused world. There was a group of girls who helped her through. Accepted her quirks, protected her and translated the unknown. They didn’t care about “the ‘spergers” (as one called it); they knew she was worth having as a friend.

They were special.

Their parents accepted us for who we were. Understood we were as new to all this as they were. Supported us during those first twelve months while we went through one of our hardest times. They knew not to ask how I was; they simply passed me a kind smile, took me out for wine, quietly stood up for us in playground altercations and continued to include Poss in their child’s lives.

They were special.

And last night we went to a farewell for one. Them and their two gorgeous girls are moving to the other end of the country. It’s a big change for them, but I know it will be the right one. A new start, a new adventure.

But god, we will miss them and Poss will miss her friend desperately.

They are special.

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  1. So glad you have special people like that but so sad they are leaving :(. Hopefully there will be more special people arriving in the school community xx
    Kate Sins recently 33 | 100 Pantone postcards projectMy Profile

    • Thanks Kate. We are very lucky to have such a lovely group of people supporting us at school, but their loss will be felt. xx

  2. I found many aspects of primary school life a lonely experience- with a couple of notable exceptions. I do think people know a lot more now than they did in 2005- but how many of them will make an effort with it? xx

    • I know what you mean Twitchy. We are lucky enough to have a great group of people around us though, hard won and much loved. But you are right, there is a level of ignorance that scares me at times. xx

  3. Annie had a friend like that who moved to Sydney in Grade 1, they’ve been chatting via Google+ which has been awesome as friend is moving back to Melbourne these holidays 🙂
    Marita recently posted..Swimming lessons are fun.My Profile

    • Oh that’s so great to hear Marita! We have promised to keep to a commitment of Skyping regularly, which will be nice for them both. They have family here, so I know they will be back visiting regularly, which will be good.

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