They’re my favourite people

They're my favourite people

Last week I was holed up with a bunch of colleagues in the mountains, far from civilisation. As we drove down a winding dirt road in the pouring rain, one of the girls commented how it was like a scene out of Wolf Creek, but with more rain and less desert. Sound like a horror movie? Perhaps.

The social media ban and a lack of a reliable internet connection only added to the sense of complete isolation. When you throw in long days, lots of talking and early starts with rubbish coffee, it’s pretty much my nightmare.

I tried to explain all this to my teenage sister, to give some context as to why I was so exhausted, and the closest experience we could agree on was a school camp. Minus the shared rooms. Plus a heap of grown ups in onesies. Best not to ask.

In saying all of this, it could have been worse. I’ve been to far worse. Experiences like this are saved by the people you’re with. And I’m pretty fortunate to be surrounded by people who can make me laugh until my ribs hurt, while simultaneously inspire me to be smarter, better.

Without a doubt, they’re my favourite kind of people.

By the end, almost delirious with the lack of coffee and sleep, I found myself giggling hysterically; doubled over in the kind of pain you only get when you’ve been made to do yoga before breakfast then followed it up with intense team activities.

Being a self proclaimed introvert, I find experiences like this completely exhausting. The talking, the self reflection, the sharing. It’s not like when I write here. There’s no one watching as I smack away on the keys, no one to please but myself.

I like the one-way nature of blogging, just as I like a back and forth via a screen. It allows me to empty my head, to work through my thought processes in my own time with no expectant faces waiting immediately for my response.

Say what you like about how social media is a scrounge on modern society, for many, it makes the act of communication that little bit easier. That little bit less tiring.

Returning home on Thursday night, I felt like I needed to climb into a deep hole for a little bit. Just to absorb the quiet, process the last few days; drained, completely and utterly out of words.

Poss and I snuggled on the couch, Husband ordered Thai food and together we watched parodies of Adele’s new song, Hello, on YouTube until bedtime. Very few words, lots of pad thai noodles and a stupid amount of laughter; leaving me giggling until my ribs hurt.

Without a doubt, they’re my favourite people.

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  1. That sounds exactly like how I feel when my cup is full. 🙂 Spending time with the people I most feel comfortable with has the opposite effect, it empties the cup a little faster. 🙂
    Snoskred recently posted..Our Grande Dame Chicken RosieMy Profile

  2. Lovely post and your rocked straight to the point of it. I love people too, but oh so tiring in real life. Perhaps we feel the need to give too much of ourselves all at once, when the one sided nature of blogging allows us time to ponder and pace ourselves.
    Jo recently posted..Michelle Bridges Health and Fitness Tips for Looking and Feeling GreatMy Profile

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