They’re watching.

They want me to know they're watching

Sometimes when I write the words just flow out through my fingers. They seem to take a life of their own. There are times I’m not sure what I’m thinking until my fingers type it out. The words form on the page, and as they do, my mind shapes my thoughts.

A snapshot into my world is formed with every blog post. A small snippet of a window opens, and by putting it on the internet, I invite people to peek through.

As much as I love the process of writing, the cathartic nature of getting the jumble of words from my head to the page, it’s this connection with the outside world that gives me real joy. My readers are, on the whole, a pretty amazing bunch; supportive, kind, sharing, funny and genuine.

I’m sure there is a small minority that only come to hate read. Every blog has them. And that’s ok. Haters gonna hate, as I’ve recently had to teach Poss after she received a negative comment on one of her Poss Reviews videos.

Not everyone is going to agree with me, not everyone will share the same view of the world. And really, that’s fine because how boring would it be if we were all exactly the same?

It’s when it’s someone who knows me, or should I say more correctly, used to know me, uses this insight into our lives to spy that I get annoyed. There’s no really polite way to say it. They use the open window like a peeping tom. Sneakily, from the edges, squirrelling away the information they glean for future use.

Lurkers I’ve heard other bloggers call them and it couldn’t be more apt. They’re not here out of a genuine desire to find out how we are. Nor do they have any interest in interacting with me or other readers. Nor are they here because they honestly care about me, Poss or husband.

We’ve had it happen a few times. A conversation will occur, often via a series of Chinese whispers with information that could have only come from here. Out of context and unwanted. Sometimes it will be in a comment to another friend, family member or even directly to husband, yet interestingly never to my face.

It’s as if they want me to know they’re watching.

So in answer to your questions, yes, I know you’re watching and I know I can’t stop you. It’s on the web. It is what it is. But I also know you’re in a tiny minority. More than most people read this blog with genuine, good intentions. There’s a reason that you’re not in my life anymore, this just confirms why.

So if you want to lurk along, be my guest. But don’t think you’re welcome. You’re not.

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  1. Fabulous writing x Just ignore the bored, silly losers with nothing better to do.
    Caroline recently posted..Breakfast MartiniMy Profile

  2. Workingwomenaus says:

    There are always going to be asshats in this online sphere. Luckily they’re few and far between xx

  3. Perfectly (and politely) put.
    Kate @ booksaremyfavouriteandbest recently posted..Bookish (and not so bookish) ThoughtsMy Profile

  4. FTS. The end.

  5. Culling people is healthy. I do it quite a lot.

    My inspiration quote of the week on my desktop is: I know I’m spending time with the right people, because I don’t feel the need to recharge afterward. They recharge me.
    Christie recently posted..Leftover easter egg rustic hand piesMy Profile

  6. I love your writing style. You have a fantastic way with words that paint a graphic picture for your readers. Also love your attitude about the ‘lurkers’ and that you are too busy being awesome in your own life to worry about them. 🙂
    Ali B. recently posted..Take Care of You!My Profile

  7. Along with the joys of the internet, it’s sadly our responsibility to inform them also about all the downsides..and dangers. You chose obviously a way more open exposure than many and that comes with, sometimes random, sometimes targeted, personal attacks.
    Must be odd to know (or sort of)who is lurking and hating.
    I lurk at times, admittedly, with people I have left in the past. The internet is too tempting. But I leave it at that.
    Those people who comment nasty on Poss’ reviews to get back at you…that’s pretty low. :/

  8. Oooo, I’m a lurker, but not in the way you’ve used it here. I read lots of blogs but I don’t comment on them all coz I often read from my phone and the emails and just forget to click over later to leave a comment.

    I’ve been lucky that in my years of blogging no-one has cared enough to do the kind of lurking you’re talking about above. And if they are, I don’t know it! Not sure really if its a good thing or a bad thing, maybe it means I’m too boring for them to bother! Lol!
    Kylie Purtell recently posted..What would you do if you lost your precious memories?My Profile

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