Thinking happy thoughts

When Poss was first having troubles at school, before she was diagnosed, she was a pretty unhappy little girl. We tried lots of things to bring a smile to her face, but we noticed again and again that she just couldn’t tell us what was going on.

We now know that a lot of that came down to her inability to recognise and verbalise emotions, but at the time, it was frustrating for all of us.

One afternoon I was in the chemist downstairs at work, it was one of those big chemists attached to a major hotel, so always had a good range of cosmetics and gifts. I can’t remember why I was there, but I do remember a toy catching my eye – this lovely ‘Bug’ that came with a little bag of emotions.

The novelty of buying a toy bug for my little Bugg made me buy it, and it wasn’t until I got upstairs and looked at it properly that I understood it’s potential. That little bug was a Kimochi and according to the website they are “plush, educational toys designed to help kids identify, understand and manage their feelings in a fun, comfortable way.”


And you know what, it did. When he arrived home, the first thing that Poss did was pull out his little emotions and look for the one that she felt, holding up ‘happy’.

Over time, he has come along to lots of therapy sessions with us, and has been there on Poss’ bed as part of the bedtime crew. In fact, she has four emotions that, even now two years later, sleep under her pillow each night to remind her how to feel; loved, happy, brave and sleepy.

They don’t always work. Sometimes she too upset to even use her Kimochi feelings, let alone recognise her own feelings, but we often talk about how Kimochi is feeling and what emotions he might need in his little pouch.

We talk about the subtle differences between emotions. At the moment it’s a lot about anger, sadness, disappointment and jealousy – how they make Kimochi feel – and she how she can relate. It takes it away from being about her, giving us a third ‘person’ to act these emotions out with, and it helps.

I often think back to that day in the chemist and am still so pleased that I bought the little bug for our little Bugg.


This is not a sponsored post, however the lovely team at Kimochis are sponsoring me to attend the Victorian Autism Conference next week as well as having a long-term sponsor button on my blog, so I wanted to share a little bit about why I have so happily aligned myself with them and their gorgeous toys. 

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  1. What a gorgeous little bug and a really special tool – I love this idea, and the way it allows our kids to speak without the harshness of voice. And I absolutely Love Love Love her 4 special words under her pillow, just beautiful!
    Lisa – lybliss recently posted..put simplyMy Profile

    • They really are a great idea and there is a whole supporting network of books and online games that can assist. But for us it’s the simple things – like those emotions beneath her pillow that work best xx

  2. They are such a lovely toy, I’ve got them on my Christmas wish list for Annie and Heidi 🙂
    Marita recently posted..Angry Birds Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace – GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Renee Bugg, you have just made my day!
    This week, I have had some intense phone calls to a mum and a school, to discuss what we will do about a little girl. She reminds me of Poss – a lot! (Just missing the literal thinking and out loud observations). Her mum is trying so hard to get some help for her, but is really struggling beause this little girl saves all her best behaviour for school, so the teachers don’t understand what is going on at home(which is basically a continous meltdown the moment she gets on the door).
    I dont know why i didn’t think of kimochi before!!!! Thankyou!

    • Oh yay! So pleased to have been of assistance! Do let me know how you get on and if you need anyone to bounce ideas off (in a totally confidential manner – don’t expect you to cross any lines) you know where I am!

  4. What a beautiful post, I’m glad you have some sponsorship support. What a great bug and emotions communications idea.
    Jules recently posted..Walyunga Winter WalkMy Profile

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