This is the one

This is the one

While Poss has been on the dog bandwagon for some time now, it’s been a harder slog to get us to come along with her, despite her constant attempts.

We’ve had new pets before, we remember how long it can take to settle a new member of the family in. We know what it’s like to have to care for them. We remember what it’s like to be up at 1am with a new addition trying to comfort them and get a few extra hours of sleep.

But we also know how much joy they can bring. We know the comfort they can provide, the absolute unconditional love. And how they can fill a hole in the family you didn’t even really appreciate you had.

We’d been in touch with a few rescue groups, but there were so many hoops to jump through especially as we have both an existing dog and a bunny who thinks he’s people, that we started to lose hope that the right dog would come along for us. So when one of the shelters we’d been in contact with added two Chihuahua puppies to their website, we called them straight away.

It was only early in the morning, but one had already been put on hold. We asked them to place a hold on the second one, and we jumped in the car with Lucy and Poss and hoped we were making the right choice.

Poss cried big fat ugly tears most of the way there. Overwhelmed, was probably the best way to describe it. She was worried she might kill a puppy, that it might die, that she wouldn’t be able to care for it. The thing she wanted for years was about to happen and the feelings were just too hard to contain, so they leaked out her eyes.

We reassured her, comforted her and kept driving, despite her protests.

Upon arrival, we were shown to the pens where the dogs for adoption are kept. I couldn’t look too hard, knowing if I spotted other dogs, I’d want to take them all home with me.

The lady bought out the tiny Chihuahua puppy, a collar swimming on her tiny neck, and placed her on the ground, next to Lucy and we waited.

They sniffed each other. They walked around in circles. We held our breath. And then Lucy snorted and lay down on the ground, completely nonplussed at this little intruder who was hovering nearby.

Poss knelt down, face to face with this tiny little creature and she leaned over and licked her face. The puppy, not Poss. Because that would have been weird. In that moment, Poss scooped her up and all the tension she was holding in her face just melted away; a smile stretched from her mouth all the way up to her tear stained eyes.

This is the one, she said, almost as much to herself as to me.

And that’s how Poppy, the five months old Chihuahua cross puppy, came to live with us.

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  1. Oh goodness. I think I have something in my eye again… xx
    Jane @Almost Jane recently posted..That one time my husband was right… {Identity Watch giveaway}My Profile

  2. Ive been having a really rubbish day today Renee, reading this post tonight will help me sleep better. The joy in the eyes of Poss and Poppy is such a joy to behold. You always post the right thing at the right time.

  3. These photos are just gorgeous – Poss has the most beautiful smile ever.


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