Thoughts from the road…

Thoughts from the road...

I knew it was going to be a big week. But there’s big weeks and then there’s BIG weeks. This was one of the latter. And I’m stuffed.

Travelling around Victoria for work, with a film crew, some very patient colleagues and one of my favourite bloggers resulted in late nights, wheeze inducing fits of laughter and more Diet Coke consumed than I care to admit.

The three hour nap (at what point does it move from nap to sleep? I’m not sure, but I think I pushed the boundaries) I had this afternoon has only just taken the edge off my bone tiredness.

But I did learn a few things. Let’s call them notes to self. Travel tips from the road. Tired musings from an addled brain. Things I know. Whatever.

  1. If you have to wear steel capped boots for any purpose, get yourself some long, thick socks. Cute ankle socks won’t cut it and if you try to wear them it’s likely your ankles will be left looking, and feeling, like someone tried to lop your feet off with a samurai sword.
  2. Peeps who work on dangerous work sites take safety seriously. Respect this. I never wanted to know what the term ‘de-gloving’ meant, but now I do, you can bet I will not question the need to remove my wedding rings ever again.
  3. High-vis gear is not sexy. No more needs to be said.
  4. After hours in a car, even the most neglected bathroom will be an attractive option. Fact.
  5. Kangaroos seem like stupid animals who really don’t value their lives, nor those of the drivers trying to negotiate already hairy roads. They should learn to stick to the bush.
  6. Man buns are a thing. So is very hairy facial hair. I’m not sure I’m happy with these observations and feel kind of relieved Husband doesn’t have the hair to take either of these trends on.
  7. If you’re visiting any sort of power plant, gas processing plant or natural gas drilling site they are going to confiscate your mobile phone. You should be prepared for this and not whine like a princess (not that I would have done that… but you know, just for future reference). Let’s be honest – you won’t have range anyway, so hand that thing over.
  8. Women need to apply for more jobs on site. I get the gear isn’t exactly glam, but surely that’s not the only reason there aren’t more girls out there. One guy told us that in his years working on a particular site, he’s never even had a woman apply for a technical role. Never. That’s a problem.
  9. Once you start laughing, it can be quite hard to stop. Especially after little sleep, too many car lollies and encouragement from your car companions.
  10. Filming is not glamorous. It’s repetitive, boring and results in stupidly long days trying to get the perfect scene. However, using the little scene marking clapper board thing (totally a technical term) is more fun than it looks and having a runner fetch you Diet Coke on demand is handy.

And as a bonus – as number 11 – when you’ve been away for a week, even your child’s whining about her lack of iPad time during your absence is comforting.

For about five minutes. 😉

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  1. Oh Renee! I had no idea you had to let go of your mobile as well – that would be tough! Glad you all had a great time and what better way to finish off in style, than with a road trip and high vis vest. I hear the orange duck outfit is totally in right now, or that could be the colour orange, don’t quote me on that. Haha great photos and some really good tips.

  2. Nothing like a road trip. The rings and potential finger loss is spot on.

  3. Mrs Woog says:

    I think my favourite bit was switching the kettle on a thousand times….

  4. I can not wait to see you and Mrs Woog in all your glory (just as an aside, how bloody fantastic is your writing font, I feel like I’m in the 1880s using a quill pen) My husband works on a big construction site so I know of the high vis, the risk and the other stuff!

  5. My husband maintains that safety is the reason he doesn’t wear his wedding ring. Truth be told, he lost it! I used to work at a mine site, so I understand the glamorous gear and how fetching one looks in reflective stripes. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! x
    Amanda @ Cooker and a Looker recently posted..the world is still a good place | the sunday editionMy Profile

  6. I had quite a few chances to work on site in my mining days. No thank you! Not my thing 🙂
    Vanessa recently posted..#2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 13My Profile


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