Ticking things off

Ticking things off 1

This time last week I’d not long returned from yet another whirlwind trip interstate. This time to Sydney. And with a mission to tick a few things off my bucket list.

I’m not someone who generally makes things like bucket lists, or vision boards, or living lists or pretty much anything like that. I struggle to make a shopping list, and to be honest, my life could probably benefit from a few more to-do lists.

But, if I *was* to ever have a bucket list, these things, they would be on them.

Firstly, eating at Lees in Crows Nest. It might sound stupid to have such a little thing on a list of such significance. However if you’ve ever had their chicken spring rolls, well, you’ll understand.

Ticking things off 2

I’d been discussing the delights of a meal at Lees with a friend for quite some time. The bar had been set high. Better than any other spring rolls you’ll find, was the claim. And the lamb pancakes? Best. Ever.

The restaurant was hidden in an office block; I was immediately dubious. But honestly, every claim that was made was backed up and then some. I’m not sure if it was the company, the waiters in cute bow ties, or the actual food, whatever. It was all good. And now I’m hungry.

Next up, a visit to Facebook. Yep. In the same list as a spring rolls, which gives you some insight into the way my mind works.

Working in social media pretty much makes Facebook my mothership. There’s no doubt that whichever way you cut it, the platform has forever changed the way we work, play and stay connected. Zuckerberg is almost a god in the world of all things social, and we all worship at his Facebook feet.

And even though it might not always be my personal favourite place to hang out, the opportunity to visit and chat in person (not with Zuckerberg of course, but some of his Australian minions), well, it was pretty cool.  Ticking things off 3

Their offices are pretty much like you’d expect. There’s no giant slide or people riding around on Segways, but there is a wall of lollies in the shape of the Instagram logo – which seemed like a better use of creativity anyway.

And then it was over. A blink and you miss it kind of trip. On the plane and home again.

Two things ticked off a list that doesn’t exist, and I’m left dreaming of spring rolls and the future of social media.


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  1. Oh I think these are awesome things to do, who doesn’t love a good meal out. And as for facebook, that’s a tad exciting. Most people who say they’re not into social media are lying. 😉
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