To market, to market

To market to market

I love a good market. Although it’s probably Poss and husbands idea of hell; I love the sense of opportunity and promise that they bring. My preference is for craft, jewellery and clothing markets, or maybe a cool handmade one. I don’t tend to go in for the bric-a-brac style, but I can be swayed.

This weekend I’ll be hanging with a bunch of cool curvy chicks down at the A Plus Market. It’s my first plus size market, and I love the concept. A room full of curvy girls selling their last season clothing, along with some specialist stores. A room full of people like me, all looking for things that I search for too.

I am a late night shopper. Packages often turn up at my office and I have no idea what’s in them until I open them. Of course there are benefits to this; the surprise makes it double the fun. But the downside is that I probably have too many clothes. And let’s not talk about my PayPal account. Or my shoes.

So this is my chance to clean the slate. I’ve done a clean out and followed all the rules; if I haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s going. If it doesn’t fit anymore, it’s going. If I find myself tugging at it every time I wear it, it’s going. I’ve been brutal, ruthless in fact.

I tend to be pretty sentimental about my clothing, I still have pieces that would never fit me, but were worn to something important, tucked away in drawers. But like the emails I cleaned out earlier this week, I’m determined to change this. There has to be something cathartic in it, and if the break in earlier in the month taught me anything, it’s that things are just that. Things.

I’m a bit nervous. But I’m taking a friend for moral support. Together we’ll while away the day with coffee and chat, solving the problems of the world. Hopefully I don’t come home with as many things as I leave with, and maybe I’ll sell a few items as well.

Tell me, are you a market fan? Is there one type that floats your boat?

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  1. I love markets too, I did a couple to get rid of the baby stuff and they were heaps of fun, plus the cleaning up of drawers and making space for new stuff is pretty good.
    ClaireyHewitt recently posted..Smell snobsMy Profile

  2. Whenever we visit the mountains I always take the opportunity to get to the local markets – I love to spend a morning browsing, but there isn’t much opportunity around here.
    Jo @Countrylifeexperiment recently posted..Taking Stock: SeptemberMy Profile

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