We’ll hold onto it

We'll hold onto it

We have a rule in our house, it’s a simple one and enforceable with sulking. No Christmas decorations before my birthday. Easy, yes? Well, a few years ago it was. Poss didn’t know what day it was really, and there was a time when Christmas decorations didn’t go up anywhere until after 1st December.

Not these days. Come October and the decorations are in the stores. By mid-November, trees are up in public places, and every second advert on TV is about the festive season. Carols start to be piped into shopping centres and before you know it, Santa is popping up around every corner.

So, the whinging starts. When is Christmas? When can we put the tree up? I need to write my Santa list. Right now. While I’m counting down to my birthday, Poss is counting the sleeps until the day after, when I will finally allow her to put the tree up.

Sunday was the day. A fresh tree this year; six foot of bunny snacks (as one of my fellow bunny owners called her tree), has been erected in our living room. My mother in law is here, so we took the chance to decorate with her. Hundreds of lights, tinsel and baubles, it now kind of looks like an elf threw up in our lounge room.

We’re still waiting for Husband to mow the front lawn, so the outdoor extravaganza can be put up outside. When I say extravaganza, I mean moderate light display. Ok. It’s pretty lame. We have some lights that go across the front of the house, a blow up snow man and this year we’ve added some solar reindeer to the family.

We may not be mixing it with the Griswolds any time soon, but it’s bringing a bit of festive cheer. Or something like that.

Today there was a gingerbread house. Again, I might be overstating it, in fact Poss is now referring to it as a Christmas church ruin. At least she’s happy with it, even if it does kind of resemble something that you’d expect to see on a medieval tour.

Tomorrow we’ll hit up the Christmas windows, drop Poss’ enormous list into the special red post box and see if she wants to do the traditional Santa picture. I’m not holding my breath, but you know what, she’s surprised me so many times this year, it may just happen.

I suspect Poss just does all this to humour me these days. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t really believe anymore. But I don’t care. As long as she keeps up the act, so will I.

There’s a little bit of magic in a sparkly tree and a Christmas church gingerbread ruin, and one day she won’t want to do it anymore, so we’ll hold onto it for as long as we can.

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  1. Kyle Cogan says:

    I know the feeling. Christmas things are in the shops early but once Christmas is over all the Easter parafinalia hits the stores early so it’s crazy to say the least

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