What’s pleasing me this week….

Pleasing me this week

This week has been made up of little moments. I guess every week is, every day I suppose, but somehow these moments seemed quite finite, contained somehow. Nothing seemed to flow throughout the week, stretching across days and weighing me down, instead there has been lots of little happys, which pleases me greatly.

  • Poss competed in her school athletics carnival on Monday and came home with a multitude of ribbons. For a kid who is a bit clumsy and never really does that well at athletics, this was a huge win for her. And today we were told she is off to Districts to compete in long jump. This pleases me greatly.
  • Time has been spent with friends this week; laughs, snark, gin and cheese have all featured. And with a weekend away sans kids about to kick off tomorrow with some of my most favourite people, the pleasing is set to continue.
  • Somehow, I have managed to keep on top of the washing this week. I know. How fun is my life? But seriously, there’s not much more pleasing than opening your underwear drawer and having a choice!
  • Almost everyone in my office has been sick. This does not please me at all – however, I am yet to get it. This does please me. Greatly. I have no time to be sick. However I have now probably jinxed myself so be warned – I am a sooky blogger when unwell.
  • We’ve had the Duplo out again this week. For some reason Poss doesn’t *love* Lego, but get her out the bigger blocks and she will be amused for hours. This in itself is pleasing, but when you add in the fact that Hugo Bun Pants loves knocking down her constructions, forcing her to sit and patiently remake them for him to knock them over again and again, the whole this is greatly pleasing to watch.
  • A decision has been made, with the support of Poss’ paediatrician that she will get her way and we are going to find a new school. This isn’t as pleasing to me as it is to her, but the smile that has crept back into her eyes fills me with all the pleased.

Now I need to go and pack for my weekend away. I have been instructed I will need basics only… like pate, chocolate, gin and cheese. I promise not to eat them all in that order. Or all at once. That wouldn’t be pleasing to anyone…

What’s pleasing you this week?

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  1. I love this post! It is so easy to get bogged down in the things that go wrong without taking a bit of time to appreciate the pleasures al around us. At the risk of sounding much too “Pollyanna” it is important to remind ourselves of the simple things. I too am delighted with a full underwear drawer 🙂

    Adorable picture of Poss.
    Karen recently posted..A Hospital VisitMy Profile

  2. Oops spelling mistake – ALL around us.
    Karen recently posted..A Hospital VisitMy Profile

  3. Workingwomenaus says:

    What’s pleasing me this week? That I get to hug you tomorrow xx

  4. I am in Perth, which is very pleasing. But am home in a few hours, which is even more so. SO glad your undie drawer is full. Happy gin-drinking! Xx

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