{WIN} A scooter for the whole family

win a globber scooter

Poss’ first scooter was a pink and yellow Dora the Explorer one, with three blue wheels. She rode that thing up and down the driveway again and again and again, scaring me stupid each time she got too close to the road, until she was too big for it.

Eventually it was replaced with a bigger one. A silver and red two wheeler version, that she still used to ride up and down the driveway, coming way too close to the road. This version at least had a brake, although Poss wasn’t overly inclined to use it.

We recently swapped it up again, this time to a silver and purple model, the My TOO 10.0, from the people at Globber. It’s sturdier than the previous version, is fully adjustable, has a strap thing that allows Poss to carry it when she’s had enough of riding and it comes with an even more prominent brake. Not that she uses it.  {WIN} A scooter for the whole family  2

We’ve been giving it a good run and we’ve discovered that:

  • Poppy does not like running alongside it, instead she prefers to tangle herself up in it and yelp angrily when she’s run over by accident.
  • It’s strong enough for me to ride on. They say it’s made of airplane grade aluminium. Sounds impressive.
  • Even though it’s strong enough, I probably shouldn’t ride on a children’s scooter. There’s a lack of grace there. Or something.
  • No matter how cool the scooter is, Poss still seems to think their only purpose is to ensure my heart rate increases every time she goes too close to the road, and will often point it in that direction, I’m sure deliberately.

Since we’ve had such fun with it, the good people at Globber have offered to give away, not one, but two scooters to my readers. You can choose from the My TOO 10.0 (which is what we have – for big kids) or a My FREE (for the little riders) and pick your own colours.

All you have to do, is tell me in the comments below before 12th August, what was your child’s favourite toy when they were little.

And if they used it to scare years off your life, even better. 


The fine print…

The competition will be open from today until Wednesday 12th August 2015 at 5pm. The maximum prize value per person is $160, however the scooters vary in price. Only one prize (x1 scooter) will be awarded per family. Entries are only valid to Australian residents. Winners will be notified by email. Judges decision will be final. This is not a sponsored post, however we were given a scooter in return for running this competition.

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  1. Larissa Lewis says:

    My kids are still little. Mr Almost 5 loves anything farming, Miss almost 3 Loves her comfort teddy, and Mr 10months loves anything he shouldn’t have haha.

    P.S. You should sooooo ride it whenever possible…..damn sure I would.

  2. My son’s favourite toy is a plastic trike that he got when he was 1. He’s 6 now and still rides it. His favourite thing to do is ride it down a giant hill that my partner’s house is at the bottom of. He zooms so fast with his feet on the handle bars. Then flings himself off when he gets near the bottom. I hold my breath every time he does it!
    Tegan recently posted..I’m sorryMy Profile

  3. Vicki simmons says:

    Dinosaurs. Noah had about 50. Every night he would get into bed and he would like them all up in a line and had to real off all the names before we could turn off the light. He knew what all the names of the dinosaurs were. Incredible.

  4. Nicola Sherry says:

    My sons favourite toy when he was little was a tube of Neutrogena hand cream that he carried everywhere. Thank goodness we have now graduated to golf clubs and Rubik’s cubes lol.
    Dean would also love a new scooter as I forgot to put his in the back of the car and reversed over it.
    Thus pick me.

  5. Our big boy has ASD and all through his early childhood he loved all things that spin….wheels, propellers, windmills, pinwheels….if he could get it to spin, it was his favourite. We have had to have many conversations about fan safety! A “ceiling fan” also still regularly appears on his Christmas list for Santa. At the time of writing, Santa has not yet delivered!

  6. My middle child’s favourite toy is his little sister’s scooter. The poor kid gets all the hand me downs and hand me ups! He’s dying for his own scooter for his 6th birthday. All his bikes and other vehicles have been 2nd hand. Would love to give him a newbie!

    And on an unrelated note – I love your comments font!

  7. Jennie Lamond says:

    My 9yo lad had more then 100 balls when he was small. Balls were his favourite things. They allowed me to teach him colours and counting, but we had some hairy moments with those small bouncy ones that come out of gum all machines for $2. I’m amazed to say there were no casualties, not even a window, and now he loves trains…

  8. Mandy ferry says:

    My boy absolutely adored his lala loopsy doll. He had an older sister can you tell!

  9. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn dog. She loved to go through the songs and find new bits on it to touch.
    I, on the other hand, got a few gray hairs. The last thing you want to hear in the middle of the night, coming from a corner of the house, “I see you!”

    • Oh Maarja – Poss had one of those! You just reminded me of it’s awful creepiness… once the batteries went flat, they were never replaced! Best of luck with the competition.

  10. My nine year old was given a teddy when born which she passed onto her baby brother three years later. He is the most loved, treasured and worn out teddy and still the favourite toy, of a now six year old.
    Kate recently posted..Symphony of my heartMy Profile

  11. Mel Bayliss says:

    My daughter is 6 and her favourite toy is still a littlest pet shop plush rabbit that she named ‘Hoppy Sparkles’! It’s the most hideously dirty and disgusting thing but hey she loves it and who am I to argue?

  12. You know those cuddle blankets with the animal heads on top? My daughters fave toy has always been a yellow duck one of those. Ducky. She got it when she was born and sucked its beak for comfort…we had to buy a new one when the mould set in. And then another one to solve the endless tears of seeing Ducky on the washing line…so it became one in the wash and one in the hands. When she was nearly 2 she discovered there was 2! Oh happy days. Now she is 9 years old and Ducky is still her treasured favourite. He shares her bed, protects her from storms, plays minecraft with her and even rides daily in her school bag. He gets a bigger hug and greeting after school than I do. I swear she will carry him on her wedding day as her ‘something old’!

    • Jennie Lamond says:

      Oh my! One of my little lads has that duck toy (yes, I also bought two!). We call her Duckie too. He is sure she is a girl. 🙂

  13. When my son was little, his favourite ‘toy’ was his dad’s tackle box. He would often tie fishing line from the back porch to the trampoline, to the clothesline, to the climbing frame and anything else that stood still!! I waited for the day one of the kids would cut themselves from running straight into one of his fishing line quests. We also used to take the hooks out of the lures so he could keep a couple in his pocket – and he especially liked the squishy ones that smelled like fish oil.

    🙁 you’ve made me miss his little-ness!! (He’s 10 next month).

  14. L’s favourite toy when he was little was a puppy dog named Wellington. He was given Wellington when he was born. He went EVERYWHERE. Then when L was about 3 Wellington left home 🙁
    But luckily Santa heard L’s tears and put a pound puppy named Luigi under the tree. 6 years on and Luigi still goes to bed, watches tv and plays mincraft with L.

  15. My boys have always loved scooters. Now of course Pebbles wants in on the action & constantly tries to use theirs – I foresee more hospital visits ahead!
    PS love that top pic of Poss!
    Renee Harwood recently posted..Feeling all the feelsMy Profile

  16. My son loved his ride-on plastic motorcycle! He even had a small one that he carried around in his pocket ALL the time!

  17. My three year old asd son has had a Thomas train glued to his palm for about 2 years, but is starting to move on to carrying farm animals around. My four year old asd son has been fascinated by all things relating to wolves and red mini coopers. Never a dull moment around here!

  18. Mary Preston says:

    My son would lug around the car keys. He would use them in pretend play all the time. We were forever hunting for them. We tried substitutes, but no they had to be the real deal.

  19. Kathryn Hammond says:

    The just about 2s favourite toy at the moment is older sister , miss 8’s scooter and gets very annoyed when its taken off her

  20. My 3 year old still loves her first trike (no pedals/brakes – think Fred Flintstone!). She has been overconfident on it for some time now & I can’t watch her take on the hill on the green at Southbank as it leads straight to the Brisbane river… I swear one day I will need to dive its murky waters & fight off its mutant sea life to rescue her!! A scooter might encourage her to stick to footpaths…might 🙂

  21. Michelle V says:

    I recently bought a retro bingo game from KMart and my three daughters are loving it!!
    It’s an old school one where the little balls with nunbers on them are dispensed out of a round cage type thing (you know the one).
    My eldest also loves the Rubik’s cube.
    This scooter looks fabulous! Thank you for the chance to win!

  22. My son is 5 yo. His favourite toy when he was smaller was Playdough. I made it my self from the humble household ingredients like flour, cream of TarTar & food colouring. He now loves his iPad & Lego.

  23. Melissa Mandy says:

    My son is now 5 but when he was 1 he loved nothing more than climbing onto his sister’s big bike and try and ride it (couldn’t even reach the peddles).

  24. Rebecca Ozols says:

    My kids range in age from 4-14. A firm favourite of theirs has always been board games, especially monopoly! Thank you for the chance to win a scooter!

  25. My Mia had a cosy heart care bear, it was a penguin not a bear however! He is still around with his heart shaped belly and his little beanie. My Ella however preferred Dora the Explorers baby brother. His twin sister did not get a look in!

  26. Nicole Austin says:

    Eric loved trains so
    an interest I did feign.
    Thomas the tank engine was king,
    the theme aing over and over and OVER he did sing.

    When as a 2 year old he would say
    F**k Controller it would make me chuckle throughout the day 😉

  27. Judith Maunders says:

    My daughter just turned nine and one of her favourite toys is still her ‘teddy’. We were inundated with gifts from family and friends when she was born and I honestly don’t know who got her that brown teddy bear, but she loved that bear from first sight. Teddy is neither male nor female, but is a bear that goes everywhere with us. Teddy sleeps in her bed with her and has been to Japan, Perth, Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and Melbourne. Nowadays Teddy tends stays in the car’s glovebox rather than being stashed in her school bag or being carried around – but my daughter is comforted to know that Teddy is never far away and will be available if she really needs a teddy hug.

  28. My son is mad about marbles. He carries them everywhere in his cute little marble box and starts playing with them whereever possible . I have to keep close eye on him as he almost choked on them twice ( can’t explain how scared i was ) but we are teaching him to keep his away from his mouth. We carefully allow him to be adventurous.

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