Thankful Thursday – With a little help from our friends

I read a quote this week that said  “every 7 years you will replace 50% of your friends”. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I did read it on Google Facts, so it has to be right? Google is always right, right?

Anyway, it made sense to me. When I look back at my friendships over the years, I see a pattern. Friends from primary school changed when I hit high school. They changed again when about 7 years later I left (and there was a change in the middle as well when I moved in year 9). And then the friends I was close to in my late teens changed again by mid-20’s. And now I am 30, they have changed again.

Some of these changes have made me sad. Some of them were a natural shift. We grow up, our priorities change. Our circles shift as our life does. We start our first jobs, we meet workmates. We get married, we seem to be surrounded by other young marrieds. We have kids and suddenly we seek other parents. Our kids grow, start school and we socialise with other school parents. 7 year cycles.

If we’re lucky, some of that remaining 50% last beyond the next 7 years, if we are super lucky, they make it into the second set of 7 and an even smaller percentage make it to the 3rd cycle of 7.

I am lucky. I have a fabulous circle of friends. Some are new and some have been around for a while. Some seem to exist outside of the 7 year cycles – our paths have crossed for other reasons, ones that aren’t time bound. One friend has been there since the start, well, about 4 years old anyway.

We went to the same kinder, we danced together, we played netball against each other. There are pictures of us as Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. We never went to the same school until high school, but through a series of co-incidences we ended up leaving our small town at the same time and moving to Melbourne. We went to the same school then too.

We left school at the same time and supported each other through first jobs, boyfriends and drunken nights. We lived together for a time. So many laughs, so much craziness.

Circles changed. I married, she was my maid of honour. Then they changed again, she is Poss’ godmother. Our paths have shifted away from each other, but we always cross back over. We don’t need to speak every day. If we don’t, there’s a comfortable silence and when we do speak, it’s like no time has passed.

She was one of the first people we told about Poss. Her support is unwavering, strong and constant.

Last week, she turned 30. We both joke that we are now officially old. Again our circles are shifting. She has just finished Uni (so proud!!) and will be starting on her new career. But it won’t matter. I know our friendship is one of the lucky ones, one the small percentages that makes it beyond the statistics.

So today I am linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday. I am thankful for friendships, thankful for support and thankful for the laughs. Thankful for new friends and oh so very very thankful for the old ones.

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  1. Friends like this are so special!

    What an interesting stat – got me thinking now…
    Kate Sins recently posted..Where, oh where, has Kate been?My Profile

  2. Oh that is so sweet. And very true about the seven year cycles. You are very lucky to have such a friend, well actually I think she is pretty damn lucky to have you too. x
    jody recently posted..CurlsMy Profile

    • Aww thanks lovely xxx I am glad I am not the only one noticing these patterns…. I am pretty lucky indeed, as well as my awesome old friends, I am pretty lucky to have some fabulous new ones too – you included! xx

  3. I’m so pleased to have been in the recent circle – I hope i’m somewhere in it when I do my own getting married nad having kids so I can include you two and Poss in it!. this was really helpful thing to read today Renee – thanks! Just had a ‘thankyou.goodbye’ ceremony at Plaster House with the kids and House mama’s. I got dressed in traditional masai garb, and feel so sad/happy/pleased/everything to be leaving. But you’re right, it’s all just part of the cycle, and hopefully one day I can share it with Poss!

    • We are pretty blessed to have you as part of our lives too Lucy – although I strongly suspect you are one of the ones not time bound xxx I can’t wait to hear about the Plaster House – you have done an amazing thing (I know you don’t want to hear that, but you have) and we can’t wait to hear all about your travels. And just think, as one door closes with your adventures in Africa, another is about to open with your new adventures in Darwin!

  4. I love this post Renee. It really struck a chord with me. When (not if lol) we move I’ll be living near my BFF who I have known for rapidly approaching 20 years. The Internet has rekindled some old friendships while others have fallen by the wayside.

    I’m so grateful for my friends too 🙂
    katesaysstuff recently posted..When fitness becomes fanaticism.My Profile

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