You won’t find a Mothers Day shopping guide here

You won't find a Mothers Day shopping guide here

(flowers from my 30th birthday | credit details here)

Mothers Day is rolling around again. How do I know? The catalogues flooding our mailbox, the emails streaming in to my inbox and the TV shouting at us at every opportunity.

Each one trying to convince us that cleaning products and/or cheap bathroom packs are the ultimate gift for mum. Maybe throw in a takeaway meal from a large convenience chicken store for an extra treat. Trust me. They are lying.

It’s a weird time for our family. Celebrating seems a bit glib since Nan died almost four years ago, on Mothers Day. Quite rude of her really. Ruining it for the rest of us. Oh yes, and Poss was diagnosed the same week.

Not that I really mind. In fact, it just seems like an excuse to buy stuff for myself and label it mothers day gifts. And to demand cakes and coffee. But then again, I do both of those things regularly anyway, so I’m not sure that we really need a day to commemorate it.

So this year, we’ve called a stop to it. Instead we’re going to do lunch with my mum the day before, and spend the day (read – dragging her all over Melbourne) shopping for Communion dresses. As you do. On the day itself, I’ll be happy with some flowers.

I know everyone says they die and what’s the point of them (and when I say everyone, I clearly mean my husband) but they make me happy. I would have fresh flowers in our home every day if we could afford it. Instead I insist on them for all occasions on which I can get away with it.

I’m not fussy; just don’t show up with gerbras (there’s just something about them that I can’t abide). Some big fat old fashioned roses, David Austin style, or peonies when in season, or even tulips, which were our wedding flower, are all welcome. Something more modern is nice too – maybe some lilies or orchids. I’m not fussy.

So, you won’t see a big wish list, or Mothers Day shopping guide here.

Flowers and a coffee, maybe a sleep in, and a big hug from my Poss, and I’ll be a happy mum.


Disclaimer – This post was bought to you in partnership with Fresh Flowers. You can check out their Facebook page here – and no, it’s not too late to order for Mothers Day!

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