Hold onto that.

Hold onto that

I still remember the day Poss started primary school. In hindsight, she was tiny, innocent and we were all so unaware of what awaited us in the years ahead. There are photos of us on the front deck together, with me bending over to make sure that both our heads were in the same frame. She was that small, that I could still carry her if I chose to. Not quite five, she was a young preppy, but so ready to start her next chapter. How were we to know that within a year, the world we knew would … [Continue reading...]

It’s her jam

About a Bugg it's her jam

Just on a year ago, Poss started cycling. She did a series of kids triathlons, which lit a spark in her. She found peace on the back of a bike, and after joining a cycling club a little while later, she's never looked back. It's not a sport I'd ever really considered for her. It's not one of the standard ones they offer at primary school; it's not a team sport, it's not something that schools seem to push beyond bike safety which seems to be covered in a term somewhere along the line. Yet. … [Continue reading...]

It was time.

It was time

It’s been a while. The blog has been lying dormant, and I’ve only been posting minimally on the socials. That’s not to say that writing hasn’t been on my mind. It always is. I find myself composing blog posts in the shower, in the car, while I’m listening to pod casts and walking the dog. […]

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Banana muffins, baking and Beranga

Gluten and egg free banana muffins

It’s taken me far longer to get back into the swing of things since getting back from overseas than I ever could have predicted. Jet lag? Yes. But there was something more, I’m not even sure what, that seemed to ensure I moved like treacle for almost a fortnight. As though I was being punished […]

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In sickness…


It’s been an odd old week, with Poss and I fighting off a virus that seems to have been determined to suck any sort of life out of us both. The kind where you’re fighting off shakes, sweats and the simple act of sitting on the couch needs an hour nap to recover. There’s been […]

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