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I love food, but I am not a cook. Although sometimes I get an itch for it, essentially cooking is about survival for me. Poss and Husband demand to be fed, so I cook. Even cooking brownies is survival, because sometimes it can be life and death if you can’t get your hands on brownies.

But I do appreciate good food. Well cooked and well prepared, I am a food fan. I eat almost anything and love the idea of trying new things. Fortunately I have a number of friends who are true foodies, they aren’t just fans, observing from the sidelines like me  – no, they get right in there and do it themselves. I live vicariously through their Instagram pics.

This past week I have been lucky enough to experience two money can’t buy meals. One, cooked by a dear friend, who admittedly, is a chef by trade, and another with the same friend as she guided us through a restaurant menu. In both cases the meals were amazing, rich yet balanced, new tastes and combinations but with a grounding in the traditional.

Dinner at Kats We were talked through the menus, given explanations as to why things were placed in a particular way, or served with a particular thing and the stories behind the dishes.

I am fascinated by this, so simple are my own cooking skills – that to even get my head around their ability to pair seemingly unmatched things and make them taste amazing, seems a feat worthy of adoration.

And the desserts. Oh my god, the desserts. Last nights meal was at a relatively new Melbourne restaurant where they have a dessert bar. Yes, that’s right – a whole bar. Just for desserts.

Desserts at Mr Hive's Kitchen

We sat there, on our little bar stools and the wonderful dessert chef (I am sure he has some fancy french name, but to me he was the dessert chef, or @mattjforbes1, which is where you can find him on twitter) prepared us three courses of dessert. Ice-creams, deconstructed cheese cake, lemon tarts, truffles and white chocolate mousse. I am sure there was more, but to be honest, I was too busy eating to listen properly.

There is something about the escape of a good meal. While both experiences were in vastly different settings, they had good food, good wine, great conversation and excellent company in common. I came home feeling full and tired, but somehow recharged.

How does a good meal make you feel?

(Note – this is not a sponsored post, I just genuinely adored eating with my friends and then having Matt make us dessert!)

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  1. Katrina Higham (@katrinahigham) says:

    You show friends how much you care about them by the amount of love you put into what yu cook for them! xox

  2. I think I could live on only brunches and high teas. *sigh*

  3. I’m with Kat, I put love into the things I bake (not a brilliant cook, a much better baker) and love the delight on people’s faces when it’s something that tastes lovely.

    Dinner Friday was great, can’t wait to do it again!
    Kate Sins recently posted..Grateful for… {reunion}My Profile

    • You are a wonderful baker – and you forget I have eaten your lasagne… divine!! It was so much fun – we must book it in soon xx

  4. You gain a whole new appreciation for food when someone breaks it down for you and explains exactly how it’s come together. I’m fascinated when they can match unusual ingredients and make it work. When I experiment, it’s not quite so successful! LOL! 😉
    There’s comfort for me in good food. x
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..Katy Perry: Part of Me (giveaway)My Profile

    • So true Kel – adding that extra information adds a whole extra level to the meal. And yes, there is such comfort in good food, for sure. xx

  5. I’m a bit like you in that I don’t enjoy cooking, I do it because we need it eat. But I really enjoy other people cooking for me. A good meal makes me happy.
    E. recently posted..Celebrating Maxabella’s 52 weeks of GratefulMy Profile

    • Isn’t it wonderful when someone else cooks? I love it! Especially when I don’t have to do the dishes either… 😉

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