A slow Christmas

A slow Christmas 1

For the past few years we’ve done Christmas our way. Each year a little less fuss, a little more us. Less driving to and from multiple Christmas events on the day, more at home time. Less pressure, more time to just be still and enjoy the day.

I used to feel like if we didn’t have every second of every minute planned for the 25th December, that I was somehow a bit of a failure. That it meant we didn’t have a list of people who cared about us, that we didn’t have somewhere better to be. A classic case of FOMO if there ever was one.

However, after dragging Poss from one end of Melbourne to the other, and then back and forth across the ocean to Tasmania for a few years, I soon learned the value of a ‘slow Christmas’.

A slow Christmas 2

A lazy morning opening presents and actually playing with them, instead of rushing through to try and get the car packed. A small group of family and friends, coming and going as it suited their plans. Good food, but not the stupid amounts of other years.

A slow Christmas 3

Watching Poss enjoy her gifts; a robot chasing Poppy around the house, a pink and purple cross bow shooting arrows down the hallway, watching grabs of DVD’s and lying on the couch lost in new books. Time spent sorting water beads into colour co-ordinated cups. Because why not.

A slow Christmas 4

A nap in the heat of the afternoon, before heading to my mums for dinner. Another small group, relaxed and casual. No expectations. Poss watching National Lampoons with my sister, curled up on the couch, both comfortable in the silence.

The rest of the family and friends were spread out in the days before, and the days after. Small gatherings and minimal stress. Lots of laughs and only one meltdown during the period; the bounce holding out until after New Year to rear it’s ugly head.

A slow Christmas 5

I’m not sure if we’ll get away with it again next year. The pull of family can be strong, the guilt of not meeting others expectations even stronger.

But if we can manage it, you can bet we’ll be aiming for another slow Christmas.

How is Christmas done at your place? Is it all rush and hurry, or do you slow right down?

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  1. We basically hibernate for three days: with there being 7 of us in the immediate family it somehow seems easier not to visit or entertain. We start slowly, then work through the presents, eat snacks, relax and finally eat our Christmas dinner when it gets cooked, there is no set time.

    About the only thing we do on time is watch the Christmas Dr Who but this year we didn’t even do that.

    Some years the children haven’t even got dressed, or worn onesies, but it’s fine, they’re calm and we’re happy.

  2. Gorgeous post and the way Christmas’ should be.

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