A year of more yes

A year of more yes

It’s that time of the year again when we all make these big resolutions, designed to change our lives and make us our best ever selves, all because the calendar flipped over to a new year.

I’ve tried with the resolution thing. I really have. And like most people, by the time that February rolls around, they’ve fallen by the wayside to be replaced by guilt and ice-cream. Or tasty little meringues as pretty as they are full of sugar. I’m distracted now…

For a few years I tried the ‘one word’ thing. I’m sure it’s got a proper name. The idea is that you choose one word to focus your efforts on for the year. The idea is a bit like how when you buy a blue car, you suddenly see blue cars everywhere. By limiting your focus, you are supposed to be able to make the right choices to bring you closer to your goal.

For two years in a row I chose ‘balance’ as my one word. And then last year decided to move on, as I really didn’t get any closer to discovering this elusive ‘balance’ despite the two years of focus.

I’m sure this is something I’m doing wrong as opposed to the whole concept, but honestly, if it requires more effort that what I’ve described above, I just don’t have that kind of commitment.

Last year we just focused on making it through the year. Simple enough. And we did, for better or worse. I doubt it had anything to do with my resolution. I’d suggest it was just that calendar thing again, and simply good luck that we all lived to tell the tale.

So while I’m not sure I’m ready to make a set of proper resolutions again this year, I would like to set myself a small challenge: simply say yes more.

Not to everything of course. Maybe not more yes to cakes. Although I do love cakes. I’m thinking it’s more yes to adventures, to travel, to giving new things a try. A considered yes, if you will.

I’m naturally a bit of a pessimist (I know, I bet you’re shocked) and I often say no as a default response, the words spilling out of my mouth in a hurry, often without me really thinking it through. It means I sometimes miss out on things I wish I had given a go.

So here’s to a year of more yes, and all the adventures that may bring.

Are you into new years resolutions? What tops your list for 2016?



And no, this isn’t sponsored by Optus. 😉 

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