About a Bugg

Welcome to my little corner of the internet…

If you’ve stumbled across this space, you may want to know a tiny bit about the writer… so you should know that I’m made up of sarcasm, the ultimate resting bitch face and the rest is probably coffee, gin and an inability to hold my thoughts inside my head.

Full time work keeps me busy, but we muddle on and like a true Melbourne girl, coffee gets me through each day.

I’m also a mum to Poss. She’s now eleven and is Autistic.

And along with our love of the Simpsons, sass and reading great books, we also share a diagnosis of generalised anxiety. Aren’t genes great?

She is also a highly intelligent student, wickedly funny, extremely loyal and crazily affectionate. She’s a passionate cyclist, loves Harley Quinn, her rescue Chihuahua and her bunny Hugo. She dreams of being a YouTube star, and one day riding the Tour de France.

Why blog?

I blog to share my world.

To show the unique view that Autism has bought to my world; the good, the challenging and the awesomely different. To show that you can be a working single mum, and hopefully do it without falling into a heap. Although time will tell on that one.

I blog to get things out of my head; to order them in such a way that I can tell my story and to help my world make sense.

I blog to build a connection outside of my four walls, to find a common ground with others walking a similar path, and learn how to raise my little girl into the amazing person I know she will be.

Where else am I?

Occasionally I’m lucky enough to be given the opportunity to write for other places, or even give an interview.

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