Blowing bubbles

We have lots of strategies to deal with anxiety in our house. Probably more than the usual, but then again we have more need for them. It’s one of the hardest things for Poss to manage and it’s one of the hardest things we face as parents. No-one wants to see their 6 year old riddled with worries, worries that little girls just shouldn’t have, struggling to sleep and watching the physical manifestations of it knocking her down. So we work our way through this list, in the hope that they will sooth enough for sleep to come.

It’s been a big few days, with a trip to see Santa yesterday. And today, another trip to the city to see the live stage show of Charlie & Lola (which she LOVED), followed by a visit to her psychologist, which always leaves her drained. So tonight as she laid in bed, twitchy and stiff, unable to calm, she requested the bubble.

The bubble really is so simple. Something we can do anywhere and at a moments notice. We close our eyes and think about what is bothering us. Sometimes she can articulate it, sometimes not. We hold our hands like a bubble and bit by bit, we blow our worries into that imaginary bubble. Some nights the bubbles are as big as our heads by the time they are full, other nights our arms can’t reach wide enough to contain them.

Once it’s full, we throw it up in the air. Then we pop that sucker.

She always hides at that point, convinced the worries will fall back down on her. But I know, once that bubble has been popped, those worries are destroyed for another night, to creep back another time, but for now, sleep will come. Tonight it worked. We can’t ask for more than that.

What works for you? Are there any techniques you use to sooth away the worries?

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  1. Love love LOVE it – I need this for me. My kids are too little to have worries. Well perhaps not but they can’t articulate that they’re concerned but am going to put this in my mummy-suitcase of tricks to pull out when needed.

    • Oh I use it too Kate. It’s a nice thing for the two of us to do together, or sometimes even the three of us! Hope it works with the boys, if you ever need it – they don’t need to be able to articulate it, just visualise it.

  2. This is a great idea Renee. While we are on top of anxiety at the moment, with a whole new world of school next year, we may need more anxiety strategies. Thank you for sharing you fantastic ideas with us xxx

    • You can never have too many up your sleeve Shell. This one is a great one as we can do it anywhere – in the car, in bed… as long as it’s quiet and she can focus, it works! xxx


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