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I used to write a regular piece here on the blog called ‘it pleases me greatly‘ which was a bit like a list of all the little things that pleased me each week. Which is a hugely creative name, as you can tell.

I actually stole the saying from a friend, who uses it whenever she stumbles upon something that tickles her fancy, and I just loved the way it rolled off her tongue. Such an old fashioned saying, but it sounds just right.

As I’m on a mission to increase my resilience, build some extra positivity and try not to get so swamped in the negative things in life, I’ve decided to bring it back. It’s a bit like the gratitude journal I’ve been keeping; a way for me to actively put a focus on the things that bring me joy. The things that please me.

I’ll aim to make this a regular thing, but my writing has been sporadic lately, as I’ve tried to balance life, work and more recently, school holidays. But hey, it’s worth a shot. Look at me being all positive…

  1. The air has a spring feel to it. I know it seems ridiculous to say the air is pleasing me, but it’s warmer than it has been in months, and our house smells like freesias when you walk up our garden path. Corny? Maybe. But pleasing nonetheless.
  2. New luggage. I’ve been dragging a very cute purple butterfly suitcase between Melbourne and Sydney quite a bit over the past few months. It’s dying. But my new, swish black number is very pleasing indeed.
  3. The help of my mother-in-law over the recent school holidays, as she moved in to help out while we worked. It’s always a juggle to make these things happen, and I really appreciate knowing she’s got the house under control and Poss amused.
  4. Watching Poss ride. She’s really found her cycling groove these holidays and will be taking part in her first race series over the coming weeks. No matter how it goes, the smile on her face as she rides is very pleasing indeed.
  5. Early nights. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl, but over the past few weeks I’ve found the tiredness creeping in earlier and earlier. So I’ve been a grown up about it and instead of fighting it, I’ve been going to bed early. Not sure it’s something I’ll be able to keep up, but I’ll take it when I can get it.

What’s pleasing you this week?

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  1. I’m going to follow along today, Renee. 🙂
    Jessica recently posted..One Big Family, One Tiny House.My Profile

  2. Earlier nights have been pleasing me geeatly too. The couple of hours ‘lost’ at night are more than regained in productivity the next day.

  3. The warmer weather (and Fitbit challenges giving me motivation to get outside and walk) plus seeing the end in sight of the busy teaching semester. 2 weeks (3 days) to go…

  4. Se coucher tôt est un gène familial (Bertolus) ; je me couche à 21h, je me lève à 5h. Mon frère Jo , ton grand-père, fait de même ! Alors, je fais la sieste à 13h …
    (Je comprends l’anglais mais ne l’écris pas..). Bises, Marc

  5. It makes such a difference to focus on the positives, doesn’t it? This week, I’ve been pleased by a couple of awesome women in my life being extra helpful and supportive in my hour of need, and – bizarrely – cottage cheese. I haven’t eaten it for years, but I’m finding it rather delicious in a wrap with some lettuce and spring onions.


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