Choosing easy

Choosing easy 1

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was really only just over a week since we were hanging out in the gorgeous surrounds of Noosa.

Not having ever really been past Brisbane before, we were excited to see a different part of Australia, but to be honest, we didn’t have huge expectations of what we’d find, and if the place would tick all the boxes of what we look for in a family holiday.

But it did. And then some. While there was the obvious things, like the sunshine which changes the whole light of a place and daily swimming, it was other things too. Things that are harder to put my finger on. I suppose I can wrap it up and say it was easy. It was an easy holiday.

Maybe we weren’t exploring a new world, getting stamps in our passports, indulging in a new culture and sampling new foods, but there was enough the same from our world at home, that Poss found her groove quickly.

And there was enough different, enough new things to explore and do, that it still felt like a holiday for Husband and I.

We ate at new restaurants, but tempered it by making sure there were kids menus filled with spaghetti, chicken nuggets and chips. We explored new places, but the trees were the same, the animals familiar. We did a lot of the same things we do at home; reading, writing, watching movies, but we did them in the sunshine, overlooking the pool.

Given how tricky some of our holidays have been in the past, it was a huge relief. And a lesson learned for us… There’s something about choosing easy. About making things easier for ourselves. About not forcing things, and instead just rolling with it.

Choosing easy 2

There’s a lesson for us, as parents, about embracing who Poss is; really listening to her about what makes her feel safe, and taking baby steps outside her comfort zone, instead of jumping off the side of a metaphorical cliff.

Sometimes choosing easy feels like it’s also choosing failure somehow. As though by saying it’s all too hard, that we’ve let her down, let ourselves down, in some small way. That we should fight on, regardless of how it makes us all feel. Which is, of course, utterly ridiculous.

But this time around, we chose easy. Even if we didn’t know it at the time. And it was wonderful.

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  1. I agree – choosing easy should not be thought of as choosing failure; it’s more like choosing a small success, as opposed to a big one.

    You did lots of hard, new stuff, but chose a destination with significant familiarity. The early start; the flight with all of the plane noise and people; different weather; new smells (the tropics smell tropical!); new bed; strange tables, chairs and cutlery at meal times; and more, I’m sure. That’s only the stuff that bothers me and my daughter . I sometimes feel that if the holiday doesn’t have disastrous moments, it can seem as if we’ve cheated!

    I hope you found that your Poss blossoms as a result of this wonderful experience and wish you and your family all the best.

    I enjoy your blog and I am looking forward to hearing you speak at VAC2016.

    • What a lovely way to look at it Jo – and you’re right! There were so many things that are different… and yes, even the cutlery copped a mention! Thanks again and hopefully I don’t disappoint at VAC2016.

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