Coming full circle

Coming full circle

A few years ago now I was lucky enough to have been recognised for this little blog by the team at Bupa. At the time, I can’t even tell you how fortunate I felt to have been singled out, and my words praised, by a group of strangers.

Of course, they didn’t stay strangers for long. I now work alongside the same people who picked me out of all those blogs, and named me worthy. Knowing what they know about me now, I wonder if they’d still choose me. Oh well! It’s too late now, they’re stuck with me.

Last week, I handed the mantle over. Bringing in a new group of bloggers to the fold, and one of the ones passing out the trophies. Watching the bloggers faces, as each nomination was read out, I knew exactly how they were feeling.

Hope, but not too much hope because you might jinx it. Confidence, but not too much confidence. Pride because just making it this far is really something pretty special. Holding your breath, just a tiny bit, just in case it’s your name.

And for some, it might have been followed with disappointment. Even just a passing flash. Because not everyone can take home the prize, but it’s quickly followed by excitement for your fellow bloggers. Comforted in the fact you’ve made it to the top five in your category out of hundreds of entries. And that’s worth celebrating every day of the week.

But for those names called out; there’s complete and utter overwhelm as you realise it’s actually you. Your blog. Your words. All those pieces of you, that you’ve poured onto the page and left behind, being recognised.

So last week, as I stood with my amazing Bupa peers watching this all unfold, I felt extremely lucky to have a foot in each camp; occasionally my blogging world and my work world combines in the most fabulous way.

Seeing behind the curtain to what goes into these awards: the amount of work and commitment that the team puts in, how every decision is agonised over and how many people it takes to pull a program like this off, only heightens my pride at being named a winner, and now being able to share that with others.

Coming full circle, seeing it from the other side, is truly something else.

And it’s moments like that, that I understand what they mean when they say you can have it all. Even just for a minute.


This is not a sponsored post. Just something cool that happened. Meanwhile, I encourage you to check out the winners from the 2016 Bupa Blog Awards. There are some great reads there, so grab a coffee and go exploring!

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  1. I was so honoured to be nominated, no flash of disappointment for me, because everything so far has been so great! I’ve had so much fun doing all the stuff I did since being nominated, that I don’t want the experience to end.

    You were so deserving of your award as are the winners this year. Thanks for having me along for the ride!
    Kylie recently posted..Basil chicken pasta sauce (with spinach they won’t notice)My Profile

    • Awww – you’re too kind Kylie! I’ve loved getting to know you and your blog through this process and can’t wait to do more things with you over the year ahead!

  2. I love your description of it Renee – you’ve described all the feelings perfectly.
    The judges did a cracking job – I loved all the winners!

    • Same here! Can’t wait to work with you more over the coming year – and it was so lovely to see you last week (how is it almost a week already?!)

  3. Yes, they’d still choose you. Everytime.

    The Bupa Blog Awards are lifechanging. It’s a tick from your peers and the nudge to keep on keeping on. It is brilliant program to be a part of and sure does make you feel you can have it all. Maybe for a little bit longer than a moment.

    • You are too sweet! It’s certainly been life changing for me – and I love to know that it’s had a similar impact for others. Can’t wait to see what you and your pawsome pair do this year!

  4. Very well said Renee!! It’s been such an incredible process and rad getting to know you and the Bupa team. You guys are seriously the bestest. Xoxo

  5. Such a lovely post! I love this. It was a great day and evening – congrats to the whole team behind it!
    Emily recently posted..Strobe (National Stroke Week 12-18 September 2016)My Profile

  6. Renee i actually welled up because you described all of my crazy emotions on the night so well. What an incredibly awesome experience x


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