Creeper’s day out

Creeper's day out 1

The long countdown to the Openworld Minecraft Conference was finally over yesterday. Let’s be clear, while it wasn’t me counting down, the fact that it was finally here was a relief for the whole household; if for no other reason than the giant Creeper taking up half the lounge room would be departing.

Not really knowing what to expect, having never taken Poss to any other sort of gaming conference before, our expectations were pretty low. We knew there would be PvP (or Player vs Player for those not in the know) displays and a gaming area, but beyond that, we had no idea.

And to be honest, there wasn’t a whole lot more. A solid line up of talks, some displays and merchandise, a few exhibitors. A Lego section, where kids could play and a bunch of colouring tables where kids could decorate their own Minecraft costumes.

Creeper's day out 2

However, it was enough. More than enough. Poss is at a good age now to want to sit and watch things, not needing to be constantly entertained, but content to listen, watch, taking it all in. There was plenty of space to spread out, and it felt safe to let her wander and explore, with lots of friendly faces.

She spent some time gaming in a huge group world (I’m sure there’s a technical term, I’ve got no idea), got to strut her stuff in a costume competition, where the Creeper finally got it’s moment in the spotlight, and was selected to participate in a quiz show.

Creeper's day out 3

At times she hid within her giant Creeper box, other times she was ok to just be Poss. The relaxed vibe helping her to settle into the space.

We spent most of the day there. Far longer than I had packed cold and flu tablets for, which left me a snotty mess by the time we bailed. But as we got in the car, she turned to me and exclaimed that it was much better than she expected. “I’m satisfied,” she said in her very Poss way.

And really, we can’t ask for more than that.


Note – this is not a sponsored post. We purchased our tickets and I was not paid for this post, we just enjoyed the day and wanted to share it.

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