Dipping in a toe

Event management. Flowers by Velvet Lily

For a time, the world of parties filled my every waking moment. I have literally lost sleep over finding the perfect centrepiece, or tracking down that impossible, but essential prop. Working with clients to make their crazy dreams for their parties come to life.

Helping people celebrate their big days was both special and exhausting, frustrating and beautiful. Clients were demanding and often ungrateful at just how much work was put in to achieve that split second of event perfection, the wow factor, but the results generally worth it. The satisfaction in knowing an event was running smoothly, looking divine and the client, in the end, was happy was addictive.

But over time I got tired and burned out. Things changed, relationships strained and it was no longer something I loved. Like many things in life, unless the payoff is good – whether that be creative or financial – the satisfaction wanes and you lose your passion.

But I have still watched from the sidelines, cheering on my old peers and dabbling every now and then – mainly just to see if I’ve still got ‘it’. Whatever that is.

Next weekend I will be dipping my toe back in, for a moment, as I help one of my good friend’s get married.

I couldn’t be happier for her, he is a lovely guy and they are perfect for each other. A bubble of love surrounds them; it’s truly gorgeous and I am thrilled to be helping her put together their most special of days.

It’s a slightly odd feeling. I am working with a team I have worked with before and we have slipped back into some well oiled ways. The client is lovely, so appreciative and kind, which immediately makes it rewarding. And I am getting to be creative in a different way to my writing, or my job – which is a nice feeling.

Yet, there are changes too. I have to trust my instincts and my vision to pull it together – to get those little details, the ones that make it come together, just right. There is no second opinion, no other head to run things by. I am working off lists in the hope I haven’t forgotten anything crucial.

It’s a confidence thing I guess. I know I can do this, I hope it will be amazing – and for that split second, I am aiming to achieve event perfection, the wow factor.

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  1. Knowing the amazing work you are more than capable of… I can’t WAIT for you to share the results of this. I need not remind you to take a gazillion photos and blog it, do I? X
    Bec | Bird with a chip recently posted..A picture is worth a thousand wordsMy Profile

  2. Totally go with trusting your instincts. I’ve no doubt the results will be amazing x
    Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog) recently posted..My week in pictures #2My Profile

  3. It will be amazing! You are amazing!


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