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We spent Poss’ 3rd birthday in hospital. She had her tonsils out. Yep, it was young and yep, it was a really really hard call to make, but when your child’s tonsils are so big and inflamed they are in danger of blocking her airways, it kinda takes the do we/don’t we discussion out of it.

She had always been a slightly sick baby. Colds, dribbling, chest infections, problems with her ears (and hearing) and lots of food aversions.We can look back now and understand some of that was related to Aspergers, but we can’t deny the fact that those suckers caused all sorts of issues during her first few years – and for years afterwards as they masked the other issues she was having.

Her food aversions, while probably initiated  by painful swallowing, were embedded due to the way her brain processed these early sensory sensations.

As her hearing was badly effected due to fluid, her lack of ‘good listening’was also put down to these issues. This was more likely related to Aspergers. Or maybe it was both, who knows. But it took along time for us to realise it might be more than a hangover from her hearing issues.

Eventually we were referred to an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist. He took one look at her throat and booked her in to get them out. It was a horrible experience, she haemorrhaged during the operation and swallowed a lot of blood, but overall it was a success. The tonsils came out, the colds and the sickness stopped. She grew and put on weight. She had colour in her face, for the first time. She wasn’t ‘sickly’ anymore.

Since then we haven’t had a lot of sickness. She occasionally gets the sniffles, but overall she’s a pretty healthy kid. So when she gets sick, we are a bit lost as to what to do. This week she is sick. She has the sniffles, she is tired, there is snot everywhere and she has a voice like a dirty jazz singer.

I posted a question last night on my FB page – what do you do when your kids are sick? How do you make them feel better? I would love to hear your tips…

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  1. We are all in the midst of bad headcolds so I can list what we are doing right now 😀

    Eucalyptus rub on their chests and backs, my girls love the mini massage – although now Annie has hit puberty she prefers to put it on her chest herself and we just do her back.

    Lots of tea, Annie likes Rooibos tea and Heidi has discovered Strawberry tea.

    My girls both love their Intelex heat pack teddies to be warmed up for snuggles when they are sick.

    Butter menthols, icy poles and vegemite on toast are standard sick kid fare.

    I’ve got boxes of tissues everywhere they tend to sit / play – along with plastic bags hanging for dirty tissues. So boxes of tissues in their beds, plastic bags sitting on floor beside their beds. Boxes of tissues in 3 different spots in the loungeroom, along with plastic bags beside them. This one is mostly for me and it helps make clean up much easier as well as hopefully reducing the spread of germs (and wiping noses on hands / clothing).
    Marita recently posted..AnnieMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for all these fabulous ideas Marita. We are trying the Vicks rub, but she is really disliking the smell, so can only put it on her feet at the moment.

      Love the idea of the plastic bags with the tissues… Poss tends to shred them into little strips so a bag would make it much easier!! Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before!

      Hope you guys are all on the mend and feeling better x

      • One good thing about the girls both being so full of headcold they can’t smell a thing – no complaints about the smell of the euky bear rub 😀
        Marita recently posted..AnnieMy Profile

        • I can only wish!! We are going to try the socks and Vicks rub thing tonight to see if that works…. anything is worth a shot!


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