Finding my pace

Finding my pace

What is it about coming back from a holiday and being thrown into a busy week at work, that manages to sap any sort of energy reserves you may have built up during your time away?

This week was a long one. And in reality it wasn’t even that long. I only worked four days, but they seemed like they went on forever, and also sped by at a frightening pace. I’m still not sure I achieved anything of note, yet it all seemed vital at the time.

It’s like the time that stood still while we were away has sped up, as though on fast forward; the blur is real. I find myself wondering if it’s always this pace and I’m just struggling to catch up, as though I’ve jumped onto a moving treadmill mid-stride, or if it’s a particularly busy time and it’s likely to slow at any moment.

Time will tell. To steal a phrase from a tiny fish, we’ll just keep swimming.

Meanwhile the school holidays are rolling on, and so far, have been rather uneventful. Other than our wonderful holiday, which I’ll do a proper post on, it’s been very quiet. Work has seen to that, and thankfully Poss has shown an unexpected amount of patience for how busy I’ve been.

With another week to go though, anything could happen. That’s the thing with holidays… the break is much needed and sought after, but the change in routine can be tricky at best.

She’s been indulging in lots of screen time, but has balanced this with attempting to make every possible variation of slime she can find on YouTube. We now have a stockpile of corn-flour and borax, as well as a ridiculous amount of zip lock bags, and a multitude of balloons, filled with the stuff littered all over the house.

Which is fine. Until one bursts. Which happened earlier this week. On her bed. And all over her bedroom carpet. Luckily this particular version wasn’t filled with food colouring unlike most of the others, so no permanent damage done. And like a ninja, I’ll keep trying to sneak the forgotten ones out the door without her noticing…

Next week my mum takes over for the final week. She’ll indulge Poss with all the school holiday treats that she’s got on her list; movies are planned, baking is on the agenda and swimming will happen. There will be catch-ups with friends and no doubt, more slime.

And keep I’ll try to find my pace, and stop myself from stumbling.

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